Chicken Sausage Skillet

Annie and I were hungry for lunch without much in the fridge that would be easy to grab and go. We are both trying to eat well and eating well can take some time. Enter chicken sausage!

While I was poking through the freezer to see what we had for protein, I came across a package of tomato basil chicken sausage that I had picked up at Aldi earlier in the week. I knew I could get that defrosted and cooked quickly so after a little brainstorming we set to work!

Chicken Sausage Skillet

A few seconds on quick defrost made it possible for Annie to slice the sausage into rounds. In the meantime, I heated up a skillet with a swirl of olive oil. As that was heating I chopped up half an onion and a shallot and added them to the pan and gave everything a good stir. After she finished cutting up the sausage, I added it to the pan too. After the onion had wilted and the meat had browned I added two handfuls of baby kale and stirred that up until it wilted.Chicken sausage skillet recipe

And voila’! Lunch is served! And what a yummy lunch it was too! I think it would be good with cherry tomatoes too, or cabbage in place of kale. I’ll have to try it with that next time!

This easily fits a Trim Healthy Mama or Whole30 lifestyle!

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  1. I started using chicken sausage through 21 Day and we really like it. This looks scrumptious. My tummy is grumbling so wish I could have a plate right now.

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