Going to the Chapel…{Tuesdays with Tina, part 18}

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We continue with the interview of both my mom and dad to get each of their perspectives on how they met. If you are new to this series, you can go back and catch up.

Tuesdays with Tina

Me: So tell me…I know when you got married you had set a date but you were not able to get married on that day…

Tina: Yes, little by little we had to keep moving the date. We had started planning for August too [like my brother Gianni] but then it wasn’t possible because the documents weren’t ready so that’s how we ended up in December.

Hugh: I don’t know what documents they were but every time we’d get a document, it would go out of date before we could get the other document…

Me: Oh yeah! It would expire!

Tina: You have to understand that there weren’t any computers. Everything was done by hand or typed and then mailed [snail mail] so it wasn’t very fast. So then on the 14th [of December] we were married at City Hall.

Hugh: We were married on the base in the base chapel.

Tina: …When we got married in church [three days later on the 17th]! But first we were married in a civil ceremony and you said, “We’re married!” and I said, “Not yet!” I had to go to my mamma’s house that night.

Hugh: But we were! For all intents and purposes…

Me: But you didn’t consummate…

Hugh: We didn’t consummate for…

Me: A week! {laughter}

Hugh: No, it was two days after we were married.

Couch wedding pic 2


Come back next week for the honeymoon!


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