TBB Asks: August questions 

The Blended Blog is at it again, asking questions so you can get to know the person behind the blog a bit better and this month the theme is related to August. I’d love to hear how you’d answer them! Grab the graphic and post your own answers to the questions, then link up!

 {August Questions} Which one?

1. Pool, lake, or ocean? Ocean, pool, lake. In that order. 

The beach at the Breakers in Palm Beach

2. Camping, cottage, hotel? Yes! All three! 

3. Favorite ice cream flavor? Vanilla base with some sort of chocolate added in.

4. PJs, nightgown, tee shirt/shorts, or birthday suit? Pjs but they can’t have buttons down the front. 

5. Favorite summer beverage? This is hard. THIS year maybe sangria? But mojotos, margaritas and Pimm’s Cup would all tie for second. 

Pimm’s Cup at the HMF Bar

6. Would you rather be hot or cold? Hot. You can DIE from being too cold! If a car breaks down on the side of the road in Florida in the summer you’ll be uncomfortable but you won’t die. If you break down in Canada in the winter, you can freeze to death. 

7. Sandals with heels or flats? Flats. Despite being short, I like being comfortable so I prefer flats. 

8. Shorts or skirts? I went through a skirt phase but since my shorts fit again (yay!) I’ve been wearing them again. 

9. Sit in the sun or the shade? I love the sun and I love a tan but the last couple of years something has changed. I think it’s related to some meds I take but my doctor has never heard of a photo sensitivity to these meds. Regardless, when I’ve been in the sun for a long time (or consecutive days) I start to itch. It’s like I’m allergic to the sun! So, sadly, these days I sit in the shade, often with a long-sleeved swim shirt and a hat. 

Living under the umbrella

10. Water, tea, or soda? My beverage of choice is soda water! With lemon. Over ice. With a straw.

11. Favorite summer fruit? Vegetable? Peaches and grilled corn!  (But not together.)

12. Sunrise or sunset? Why pick one? I like both! But I’m a morning person so I really like the hope that a new day brings. 

13. Bike ride or walk? Ooo. Again I like both. But a walk doesn’t need to be planned like a bike ride does so it can happen more organically. 

14. Winery or brewery? Winery.

Chateau Morisette in Virginia

15. Garden or no garden? Yes garden. I love my raised beds

16. Big summer concert or music in the park? There’s no music in the park here except for the annual jazz festival and I don’t like jazz. Jacksonville just built a new outdoor concert venue downtown and we went last week to see Asia and Journey. 

Confetti falling at the end of the Journey concert

17. Fave cookout food? Burgers. And grilled corn. 

18. Dine indoors or patio? Outside when the weather is nice!

19. Fave summer destination? THE BEACH! 

20. Big theme park or local carnival? Big theme park! I love roller coasters! And living two hours from Orlando…

21. Drinks blended or on the rocks? I used to love my margaritas frozen but lately I’ve been drinking them on the rocks using fresh ingredients (not that nasty premixed stuff).

22. Popsicle or freezie flavour of choice? Pass. I’ll take a fudgesicle. 

23.  Hot dog or hamburger? See number 17.

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31 thoughts on “TBB Asks: August questions 

  1. So fun learning more about your summertime loves my friend! I love that you added pictures as well. Can you believe I’ve never had a margarita on the rocks? We have a local establishment that makes them frozen and that’s just how I love them but now I’m excited to try them on the rocks! Hope you have a marvelous Monday beautiful lady!

  2. I almost selected Sangria for my summer beverage of choice, and now I wish I did! It really is the best icy cold summertime beverage!

    I live by/love the ocean as well. If lakes came without those inevitable mosquitos they’d be a close second!

    1. We are going to Spain at the end of September and I plan on drinking Sangria a LOT!! Lakes kinda freak me out. The ones in Florida are usually murky with tannins and the bottoms are squishy. I much prefer salt or chlorine. Now swimming in the springs is another matter entirely. I DO enjoy that!! Thanks for visiting!

      1. Oh, you are going to LOVE the price of Sangria in Spain if this is your first visit. Between $7 – $10 for a full pitcher. I’m not ashamed to admit we stopped almost every afternoon for loooong Sangria breaks when we were in Spain last year. 😉

  3. Hehehe….I actually laughed out loud when I read your comment about freezing to death in the cold in Canada. Grilled corn sounds yummy. I may have to add that to the menu this week.

  4. bahahahah on the cold Canada comment. Random fact- we keep blankets and candles in the back of the car just in case, but like a hurricane, our blizzards are usually warned in advance and we just don’t drive in them. And if we did get stuck, at least an alligator wouldn’t eat us 😉

  5. i’m the same, love vanilla ice cream with all kinds of fun stuff added to it! lol
    I do normally keep blankets in my car in the winter when it’s really cold… ya never know!

  6. You are looking positively svelte! Wow!!! Yay, YOU to fit more comfortably in your shorts. I am, I am, I AM going to get back into my denim skirt by mid-September.

    I love your raised garden beds, too!

    Didn’t realize we could write in Fudgecicle but it gets my vote, too. We did have a lot of similar answers. Woo hoo!

  7. I finally got my post up. I wanted to be sure to answer the questions before reading others’ answers. It’s interesting how many questions we answered the same! Happy summer!

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