25 Ways to Celebrate 25th Anniversary 

As I’ve already mentioned, this is a big year for us. Michael and I decided to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary all year long. We came up with a list of 25 things we want to do. We will be sharing on the blog and on social media with the #DelCharco25thPalooza if you want to follow along! 

Below is our list but it IS subject to change depending on how the year shakes out and as new opportunities arise. 

25 Year Anniversary Palooza

1. Epcot bar hop

2. Barge cruise in France (hey, we can dream!)

3. Horse drawn carriage wine tour in St. Augustine

4. Three day hike on the Appalachian Trail

5. Tiny library hunt

6. Dinner at Bistro Aix (we like French restaurants)

7. Starbucks card dates

8. Go on a sail (I have my fingers crossed that it’ll be in the Bahamas…)

9. Kayaking trip in Amelia Island

10. Scuba in the Florida Keys (and get recertified)

11. Lighthouse trip around the state (visit all the lighthouses in FL)

12. Overnight on the Cape Dory (like camping but on our 18ft sailboat)

13. Camping trip (This can be combined with some other trips)

14. Chamblin Book Mine date (large used bookstore in town)

15. Coffee houses in Jax (visit all the independent coffee houses)

16. Run a half marathon (together but not really since we don’t run the same pace)

17. Chicago trip for cousin’s wedding

18. Explore restaurants in Greenville SC

19. British pub in St. Augustine

20. Go mudding in the jeep we dated in

21. Drive up the beach from St. Augustine to Matanzas in the jeep

22. Summer lunch date at Snack Jack’s (where we lunched after we got engaged).

23. Blue Ridge Parkway NC to VA

24. Vineyard tour in VA

25. DC tour 

Today, we are working on #1. Since we have Disney Florida resident weekday passes, we are heading down to Orlando. Michael found this guide to drinking around the world that looks interesting. We have some great friends who date back to our grad school days joining us and it looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day! Follow along on Instagram

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12 thoughts on “25 Ways to Celebrate 25th Anniversary 

  1. What a BRILLIANT idea! I’m so excited for you guys! I may show this to my guy and start planning our list for our 30th! Maybe spread it over 2 years?!? (May will be our 27th!)

  2. Super list. Absolutely you can dream. Have always wanted to scuba dive. Good for you to hope to recertify. Hope you manage to fulfill the whole list. XO

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