Being Thankful {Monday Moments of Gratitude #1}

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As many times as I’ve tried to count 1000 gifts I was happy to hit 100. I’d start over with new journals but it felt like I was always counting the same things. However, I do know, from lots of reading and from scripture, that “Thankfulness produces joy” so in order for me to experience true joy, I need to practice the exercise of being consciously thankful. So here are 5 things I’m thankful for today, in no particular order, not following any prompts.


  1. Community. I’m grateful for the community that surrounds me. I have community with my family, with my church people, with my life group, with my co-workers, with my homeschool buds, with my workout partner. I even have community virtually with blogger friends I’ve never met, with style friends I’ve never met, and with health challenge participants, some of whom I’ve never met. There are so many ways to be connected in this modern world!
  2. The internet. Seriously, I remember life before the internet but my children do not. Although many bad things can happen on the world wide web, there are also really amazing things that are at our disposal at the touch of our fingertips.
  3. Healthy chocolate. I know this sounds cliche’ but I am sooo grateful that when trying to eat a healthy diet, chocolate does not need to be eliminated. There IS such a thing as healthy chocolate!
  4. The opportunity to travel. I do enjoy traveling and my travel schedule is about to pick up with homeschool convention season about to start. I’ll be attending 7 conventions this year, plus one blogging convention (my first!) so that means quite a bit of miles on my account! I hope I rack up enough for a 25th anniversary trip to France this year!
  5. Living in Florida. I was snapchatting with a friend who lives up north and although I’m freezing when it’s in the 60s, I’m not freezing like she’s freezing! So I will be grateful today for my version of freezing.

Thanks to Shaunacey, my Canadian bloggy friend (whom I will get to meet in a few months!) for the linkup! What are you grateful for?

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  1. So glad you linked up with Shaunacey for her Gratitude Series. I will try to get my post written before the link-up closes. Love all of your gratefuls, with a particular passion for chocolate. Feeling a little left out and jelly over here about not being able to join you gals in Las Vegas. Send me a post card!

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