The BEST Chocolate!

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Perugina is Italy’s version of Ghirardelli. In my opinion, they have the best chocolate. I love dark chocolate. When I was young, I would eat milk chocolate but my mother cultivated my discriminating palette and now that I am a chocolate snob, I can no longer eat the sweeter, milkier version.

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Italy's best chocolate option! I love dark chocolate! You gotta try this!

Perugina makes all kinds. This one is a simple dark chocolate.
Italy's best chocolate option! I love dark chocolate! You gotta try this!

Some people do not care for nuts in their chocolate. I like a little crunch in mine so this one with almonds hits that spot.

Italy's most famous chocolate candy! You gotta try this!

Perugina’s most famous chocolate candy is Baci which is Italian for kisses, but this is NOTHING like a Hershey’s kiss. The gelato version is very good as well!

I have found Perugina chocolate at grocery stores but World Market has quite a few options to choose from!

Growing up in Italy, we would go visit my mother’s family in Naples and would inevitably end up at my Zia Rosalba’s dry cleaner’s shop. Right next door to them was a bar that sold loose candy. You could buy it by the kilo. There were several different kinds but my nonna always bought me Caramelle Rossana. I like them to this day.

Have you tried Perugina chocolate? What about Baci? I bet you’ve never had a Rossana candy! If you are local, come by my house. I have a few left and if you ask me, I’ll let you try one!


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