Day 16: Navy patterned pants + striped tee {Write 31 Days}

Since Karla is enjoying my pattern mixing (thanks Karla!), I threw this one in for her. I love polka dots and I love stripes so what happens when you put them together?

polka pants marked

I just got a package from my mom and she sent me this striped shirt. I immediately changed out of the top I had been wearing (sorry, no photo of that outfit) into this cooler option. As much as I want to pretend it’s cool here, it’s really not. It’s OUR fall (clear skies, low humidity, temps less than 90s) but it’s not a TYPICAL fall day for most people (cool temps requiring layers of warmth).

I like the nautical yet whimsical feel of the pattern mixing. So here’s another option for styling patterned pants. I have a white sweater that I want to try with these pants when the temps get into the 70s. But for now, I’m enjoying the bright, clear, no-humidity days!

31 days of fall fashion ideas!

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3 thoughts on “Day 16: Navy patterned pants + striped tee {Write 31 Days}

  1. What a precious look! With that big smile on your face, I am pretty sure you like it a lot, too. I have some nautical-ish earrings that would great with your polka dots and stripes. Maybe I need to follow your good lead and find my own polka dot pants and striped tee.

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