Day 19: Sunday looks, two ways {Write 31 Days}

On Sunday, I dressed up for church and since it was cooler out (and I knew it would be cool inside) I decided to layer up! I pulled out a heavier weight black dress pants and layered a white with black tee over it. I was going to wear a tweed blazer on top but then I decided to try a little pattern mixing so I added the polka dot knit blazer and I like it! A bit bold, but I went for it.

church outfit marked

But of course when I got home I changed into play clothes. I swapped the black pants for boyfriend jeans and the pumps for flats. When I went out to run an errand I threw on a denim jacket because the temps were dipping! Hey it’s gonna get down to 61 degrees tonight! It was windy and the scarf got a little wonky.

sunday easy outfit

Were you watching the Jaguars football game? Yeah, me neither. But my husband had it on and as I walked by they were discussing how windy it was. And it was windy! It made taking pictures outside tricky. Here are some bloopers for your enjoyment. PicMonkey blooper Collage

The camera lens was acting up too. So if the pictures seem slightly out of focus, don’t run and schedule an appointment with your optometrist. It’s just my camera lens. These were the best options I had. Ah well.

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