Day 27: Sheath dress + button down shirt {Write 31 Days}

Yesterday I introduced the sheath dress in it’s plain, stripped-down simple form. If you have a sleeveless dress, it can act as a jumper of sorts and you can layer it over  a button down shirt.

white shirt

Here I’ve styled it with a classic white blouse, nude pumps and a simple string of mini pearls to create a classic yet elegant look. It would be equally appropriate at work or out to dinner. You can try another solid colored blouse, such as pink, coral, yellow or even wine like my friend Michael Ann wore yesterday.

MA sheath marked


I think it would look equally great with a print such as polka dots or plaid. You can even try it with a chambray shirt!

Do you know the trick of layering a cami or tank on TOP of the button down shirt? It helps to reduce the bulk and keeps the shirt from creeping up. It works! It also adds another layer of warmth, so if it’s a hot day and you don’t plan to be in air conditioning you may want to skip that tip. But it sure is handy!

31 days of fall fashion ideas!

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  1. I plan to layer a chambray shirt with this next time. I think I’ll wear my cognac tall boots with that. I think that will spin it in a more casual direction. I *love* blank slate pieces like this one!

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