Day 31: Recap of Write 31 Days: my favorite looks {Write 31 Days}

Today is the last day of the Write 31 Days challenge, and as you know by now, the topic I chose to write on is fashion. {For a list of all the days, go here.} Although it wasn’t a necessarily difficult topic, it was challenging to post something I have never been that consistent in my blog before. It certainly stretched me!

31 days of fall fashion ideas!

I think the hardest part was getting the pictures.

Some days, it didn’t happen so I had to get creative with what my topic was going to be for that day.

Some days, the time we had for pictures was not too good for light (middle of the day or after dark) and so my pictures are not the best.

Some days I was tired, or uninspired, or I was having a bad hair day, or I hadn’t put on make-up.

Some days I put on make-up just for the blog!

Some days I was feeling ugly, or fat, and I didn’t like anything I wore.

My best pictures happened when my daughter was available to help. (I received the best comments/compliments on those days) but sometimes she wasn’t available so I had to use a tripod and timer (the worst shots), or I had my husband or son snap the pictures.

I thought that as a recap, I would share my top 5 favorite looks.

navy blazer 2 marked

I like the swing dress with the blazer. That was an unexpected success in pairing something that felt pretty casual then dressing it up.

sheath plaid

I also like the sheath dress with the plaid shirt. I think these two pieces paired very well together. I’ll try it again with different accessories.

striped sweater red cardi

I love the nautical look of this casual and comfortable outfit, a perfect pairing for running errands.

white shirt

I also liked the sheath dress with the white shirt and nude pumps. All neutral looks yet together they look classy and complete.

floral 2 marked

This was my most daring outfit: pairing three patterns together was C R A Z Y!!! Yet I think it came together (to my amazement!)

So now that it’s over, I’m going to take a few days off (maybe…) and then talk about stuff OTHER than fashion! (Won’t that be nice?) Thanks for following along and for commenting (in person, on the blog or on social media). A writer does enjoy the craft of writing but having an audience makes it all seem worthwhile.

Peace out!

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14 thoughts on “Day 31: Recap of Write 31 Days: my favorite looks {Write 31 Days}

  1. You did it!!! Congratulations. I loved following along and my favorite(from the favorites you posted here) is that plaid shirt under the sheath. That sure pops for fall/winter in FL. I’m now on the look out for a sheath dress and plaid.

    1. I enjoyed your posts and learned about fashion as well! I am definitely not a fashion diva. I looked forward to seeing what you were going to write about each day. I also learned some fashion terms like chambray, sheath dress, swing dress….. I have learned the value of a statement piece in an outfit. I am probably close to being a monochromatic dresser. I might branch out and try some new things with my wardrobe, inspired by Diva Sheila. Not sure I could stretch to pattern mixing but, Sheila pulled it off well! Great job my friend!!

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations. You did it. Maybe I will be able to do it next year. So glad to see a recap of your favs. I need to get that sheath out for next week. How cute with the plaid shirt. Bravo!!

  3. This was such a fun idea. My biggest hurdle is always getting the pictures too – I still don’t quite have it figured out. I love the outfits you highlighted today – you look so pretty in all of them!

  4. You fashioned up quite a storm during October! Well, done!! I’ve been perusing through your posts and amazed at all you put together. I love the colors of pants you want to add {different post} and your pattern mixing definitely works.

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