Day 6: Swing dress + blazer {Write 31 Days}

We talked about wearing the swing dress with a cardigan, a denim jacket or vest. Another way you can add a layer is by adding a blazer. I recently bought this white one at Banana Republic Outlet.white blazer 1 marked white blazer 2 marked

I added grey pearls to keep it in the same family but this outfit would look great with red coral or even a peach scarf. Lots of options with these neutral colors!

blue blazer 3 marked

Another option is to add a navy blazer. I rolled the cuffs back to show the striped lining for interest. I also nodded towards the nautical I love with my starfish necklace. I just love this necklace!navy blazer 1 marked

The tailored fit is so feminine with the flared skirt. navy blazer 2 marked

You might try a black blazer and add black boots and colored tights for a punch of color. Or you might try colored shoes. I’ve kept it a bit muted and monochromatic with the grey and navy. But a camel blazer or trench would be really fun!

Or how about adding a plaid duster? This one in black keeps it monochromatic but I think it would be great in a nice red plaid!plaid 2 marked

Really fun cowboy boots (red?) would be super cute with this outfit! plaid marked

Lots of options for layering! I have one more layering look for you tomorrow! Come check it out!

31 Days of fashion button 7


Note: I did not receive any compensation to talk about this dress. I share it with you because it’s something I love and I want to share it with you. There is no affiliate link in this post. 

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10 thoughts on “Day 6: Swing dress + blazer {Write 31 Days}

  1. I’m beginning to think you could wear that dress every day for a month and no one would notice. The white blazer really dresses it up. I love the plaid duster, too.

    I am going to start actively looking for a “blank slate” dress. This is such a fun series! I’m glad you’re doing it.

      1. Haha D! A duster is a light longer coat that used to be worn over clothes at the turn of the century when the cars were all open and the roads were dirt. It would collect the dust kicked up by the cars and not soil the clothing. But the truth is that this is really a plaid dress worn unbuttoned as a duster. And now you’ll win that point at trivia night!

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