GYPO – Final Week!

I cannot believe it’s already the last week! It sure has been fun following all the posts on the Facebook page! I, however, have slipped pretty behind this past week. The weather has been just too gorgeous (and warm) to fully participate. Here’s what was on plan for this week:

Day 10: Long Cardigan + Solid Tee + Plaid Scarf + Boyfriend Jeans + Oxfords

I still haven’t purchased leggings as I am not sure I am ready to wear them. Some ladies over 40 have the legs to rock the look. I’m not sure I do. It was hot this day so I wore the jeans with a short sleeved tee and a colorful (not plaid) scarf with sandals. I realized I didn’t get a picture since it wasn’t really the OOTD (outfit of the day).

Day 11: Striped Tee + Puffer Vest + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Scarf + Riding Boots

This was the only day I was able to wear the OOTD and only for a short time. I later lost the puffer vest and just turned down the a/c in the car as I was driving around.

Day 12: Neutral Sweater + Solid Tee + Leggings (or Black Jeans) + Leopard Flats

Way too hot for a sweater this day! I just wore an oatmeal top, black jeans and leopard flats. No picture this day either.

Day 13: Puffer Vest + Plaid Shirt + Gray Jeans + Riding Boots

On this day we had a funeral so the OOTD was not appropriate. Plus I do not have grey jeans!

Day 14: Military Jacket + Striped Tee + Dark Wash Jeans + Leopard Flats

On this day I ran in the Pumpkin Run 10 mile race so I wore a Minnie Mouse “costume” for half of the day and the striped tee with dark wash jeans (no military jacket) and leopard flats for the other half. Care to see my race outfit? You can kinda see it here…

Day 15: Dressy Sweatshirt + Gray Jeans + Ankle Boots

I still don’t own a dressy sweatshirt. I haven’t been able to find one I like. I met a friend at the Towne Center and looked for one but no luck. I did, however, find some cute cognac shoes (sorta like bootie sandals?) and grey jeans! Jeans are Forever 21 ($8!!) and shoes are from Ross (Madden Girl $17)

Day 16: Neutral Sweater + Striped Tee + Boyfriend Jeans + Oxfords

Shucks! Still too hot! I did wear the bf jeans since all my shorts are packed away, but I wore them with a striped tank top layered over a black cami and sandals.

Day 17: Long Cardigan + Solid Tee + Leopard Scarf + Leggings + Neutral Flats

Another beautiful day! I don’t want to complain about it being too hot because it’s not *hot* really. At least not for Florida. It’s just too hot to wear the OOTD! So instead I am wearing my new grey jeans, a navy blue tshirt and leopard scarf with my new sandal booties. Trying out the sloppy tuck.

I’m sad that the challenge is almost over but I’m excited about the new one coming up! Actually there are two! You might want to check them out! I’m doing the Build Your Wardrobe Basics for sure but I’m not sure about the winter one. Not sure it gets cold enough here!

Also, check out my fashionista sistahs below for how they wore the OOTD.!

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