GYPO Winter and Holiday Challenge Week 1

It’s time for a new Challenge! This is my third one! (Can you tell I really enjoy these?)
I didn’t have much money or time to shop for missing pieces. It’s just a busy $ time of year where I cannot afford to spend so much on myself. For this challenge I will be mostly shopping from my closet. I did buy an asymmetrical tunic sweater at Ross for $25. I think that’s all I bought for this one!
On Day 1 I was traveling with my son for the Regionals Rock Climbing Competition and as such I didn’t have the right pieces with me.
Day 1: Neutral Cable Knit Sweater + Fur Scarf + Skinny Jeans + Riding Boots
I do have a cable knit sweater but it’s navy blue and not cream. I do not have a fur scarf. I could have styled this outfit with what I have had I not been traveling. But since I was, I have no picture to share.
Day 2: Tunic Sweater + Puffer Vest + Leggings + Boot Socks + Riding Boots
Here’s where I got to wear my new sweater! I added a cream scarf for added warmth around my neck and for some lightness as the colors were all pretty dark. No leggings or boot socks for this gal yet.
Nice and warm!

Day 3: Poncho + Long Sleeved Tee + Printed Scarf + Skinny Jeans + Wedge Boots
I don’t have a poncho but I have a poncho-ish sweater. It has the poncho vibe. So I went with that and seemed to work. I added a warm knit scarf that picks up on the colors in the sweater and tee shirt. I don’t have wedge boots so I went with the booties from the Fall Challenge.
Penny is mesmerized!
Check out what my styling sisters wore these first few days by clicking on the links below. (Can you believe that picture is an actual photograph of one of the gals’ front yard?! She lives in Canada 😉

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    1. Thanks Deena! I knit that scarf years ago and was so happy to see how well it coordinated with the olive layering tee and the beige sweater. Penny *is* pretty awesome! She’s very loyal.

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