Homeschool Graduation Ceremony! {MMoG#14}

We were not originally planning on having an at-home graduation ceremony. Yes, we homeschool, but through high school we’ve participated in Providence Extension Program taking math, science and elective classes, so we were all set on participating in their graduation ceremony. You see where this is going, don’t you?

About a month ago, Timothy announced to us that he wanted to apply to work at Young Life’s Frontier Ranch in Colorado for the first session which meant he had to BE in Colorado on the 20th, which just happened to be the date for PEP’s graduation. We agreed to let him apply but I proceeded as if he were still graduating with PEP in case he didn’t get in. So we bought the cap and gown and picked out the pictures for the slide show.

And then he got in.

Change of plans!

We decided to host a graduation ceremony/party at our house. It would be a small, personal affair and he would still wear his cap and gown. For me. Because I’m his mama and I said so. Harumph.congrats!We sent out a few invitations and emailed and texted a few more. I looked on Pinterest and got some decorating ideas. In the end it was perfect. So personal. So very special. Emily lunchWe started with lunch. The menu was 3 types of pulled pork: BBQ, Mojo and Simple Spices; broccoli salad and coleslaw; chips and salsa (Denise’s famous homemade salsa).Christina and Jacob lunchFor dessert we had mortar board candies, diploma cookies and an ice cream cake from Baskin-Robbins.DessertsAfter lunch, Timothy donned his cap and gown (over shorts, because this is Florida and we were outside) and he walked out to Pomp and Circumstance playing.Pomp and CircumstanceTimothy cap and gownMichael and I choked out a few words. SpeechesWe shared why we started homeschooling and our goals and mission statement for our school. Timothy has achieved them so we declared him graduated and he turned his tassel. Then Timothy made us cry with his little speech where he thanked us parents and those others who helped raise him.Timothy's speech Then we opened the floor. Tommy and TimothyTommy and TimothyHis older brother, Tommy, started us off with laughter.
David and ChristinaMy brother, David, and his wife, Christina, shared a letter from their kids. She had her kids come up with 18 things they love about Timothy, and then David read a nice letter from the both of them. So sweet.DeniseDenise, who has been like a second mother to Timothy, shared about having him in her Sunday School class. Our families are close and we took many vacations together. Her daughter, Peyton, couldn’t be there but sent 10 tips for college which were funny and spot on! Uncle EddieUncle Eddie told stories about how Timothy liked to climb things as a little kid and how he’d figure he’d grow out of it. (Timothy enjoys rock climbing to this day. He never grew out of it!) His son, Joey, has been not only Timothy’s cousin, but his best friend through high school. His message was touching, describing Timothy as the brother he never had (he has two older sisters.) Uncle John and Aunt Tammy, who live in NC and couldn’t be with us, sent a wonderful note. Two of their kids sent notes as well. Precious!

Prudence, Lori, Mary, Jackie

Mary shared sweet memories about when we first moved to town. Prudence, our children’s minister, shared about how Timothy would squirm and wiggle in children’s church but how he was actually listening and learning. Lori, our neighbor (below), shared how she would watch out the kitchen window at Timothy picking through the pile of stuff the renters would leave out at the road. He loved to bring home old electronics and take them apart.

the Mengers

Jackie shared a very poignant story about having lunch with Timothy two years ago where she recorded three prayer requests he had made on a napkin and she still prays for him and has that napkin! She has promised to continue praying for him while he’s in college!

JackieLifelong friends and godparents, Ian and Caroline Stake, came as well (thank you Caroline for taking pictures with my camera!). Ian shared some great advice and scripture with Timothy. Ian StakeMy mom shared how grateful she’s been to have been a part of Timothy’s life. Having friends who do not live near their grandkids, she doesn’t take that fact for granted!NonnaHis small group leader and mentor shared about getting to know Timothy over the last four years. This precious family has an open-door policy and my kids often took advantage of it! John was an answer to our prayers as we prayed for a mentor for Timothy.John Adams and Abbie

For the friends and family who could not attend, I asked them to write a note to Timothy. It could be a memory, or advice and then I read them aloud at the ceremony between other people’s testimonies. We were grateful for our pastor Bill Driscoll’s words.We were so blessed to be surrounded by neighbors, church friends, Timothy’s godparents, his mentor, his friends, our friends and of course, family.CFC crowd

CFC girls

dad and Timothy

friends more friends familyboth grandmothersIt was such a special time. The weather was perfect. The day was perfect. We are blessed. blessed

As you can imagine, I’m super grateful for this day. Linking up with Simply Shaunacey.

Oh, and come back on Thursday when I’ll be sharing my simple decorations from our Homeschool Graduation Ceremony!

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  1. What a beautiful, powerful, BLESSED way to celebrate this achievement, Sheila! I’m thankful you guys had such a special time together!

  2. How beautiful. So proud of him for wanting to work at young life this summer & know he will bless many! You and Mike have raised him up right and he will help a hurting world! Hugs!

  3. Way to go Timothy! Was hoping Grace & Andrew could have made it?Proud of your accomplishment & ALL that the Lord has planned for you??????–Mom & Dad out. A beautiful
    graduation party

    Enjoy the time with Young Life in Colorado–I think Lilly Moore will be there, too?

  4. Congratulations to you and your son! Looks like such a wonderful day – I’m so glad you shared it with us.

  5. I think this might be one of my most favorite posts because you can literally feel the pride you have! You all look so very happy and proud! What an accomplishment and the party looks like it was absolutely perfect. What a tribute to you and your family that so many people had such wonderful things to say about Timothy. Blessed indeed!

  6. Congrats to your son, how exciting! I had two graduates last year, my daughter from HS and my son from college….thanks for stopping by my blog…nice pics!


  7. Oh my goodness, you did such a great job and I’m near tear over here with how loved he is and all of the well wishes and notes he got. You, Mama did a great job, testament by how many people came to support this next phase of life. Congrats!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Andrea! Glad you liked the dress! It was perfect for this day! Dressy without being over the top. Sleeveless which was great for the outdoor setting. Fit and flare which is the most flattering for my body type. Three check marks! Haha!

  8. I have never seen you look prettier, Sheila. This dress was THE ONE! So proud for Timothy and you and Michael. While the last photo is so, so good, I have another that’s my fav. I love the one of you looking on from the sidelines at your two sons. Beautiful. Well done, mama! Your family and your faith are amazing and wonderful examples to all of us. Brava! Brava!

  9. Congratulations! what a special celebration. I loved reading thru your post and looking at all those wonderful moments you captured thru the camera. How sweet of Jackie to have saved the napkin and still have your son in her prayers, priceless!

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