Honeymoon in Germany, continued {Tuesdays with Tina, Part 20}

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Tuesdays with Tina is where I chronicle my Italian mother’s story, from being born in a bomb shelter in World War 2, to meeting and marrying my US Navy father. It is an unlikely love story that has lasted almost 50 years. If you missed any part of the story, you can catch up here.

Tuesdays with Tina

Me: So you had a week?

Tina: Yes, we had a week. We visited all the bases in Germany…[laughter]…

Hugh: We went to Berchtesgaden which is the area where the Army and the Air Force have R & R places. We stayed down there one night.

Tina: Then we went to a salt mine.

Hugh: You ride this little train down, down, down…

Tina: I went but I wasn’t very comfortable. I didn’t really like it. At this point I didn’t have a strong feeling of claustrophobia yet. I was at the beginning. I went but I wasn’t really having fun.

Hugh: They show you everything and then you get on the train and it goes back up. Then after that we went to Austria. Then we went over the Alps. Back then they didn’t have a tunnel to go through. On our way north, when we were at the border, in Bolzano, we stopped and got gas…

Tina: It was night…

Hugh: Tina asked him for something to drink in Italian and he didn’t understand…

Tina: Some water…but he didn’t understand me…

Hugh: Then she did this [thumb pointing into her mouth – the sign for “drink”] and then he understood.

Me: You were still in Italy?!

Hugh: Yeah, we were still in Italy! I thought we had it whooped. “She speaks Italian, I speak English – we’ve got it made!” But we got to Germany…nothing!



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