Kib’s Bay!

Yesterday was a tough day! I had some stressful things to deal with and then the added stress of trying to keep a secret. I thought I was going to explode! 

We have a family tradition which began about a decade ago! For the backstory, you can read about Kib’s Bay here. Although we usually wake the kids with party horns, this year we wanted to start the evening before. We were all sitting at dinner together when Michael left the table and I soon followed. We came back together blowing the horns and announcing that Kib’s Bay was beginning right then! 

We finished dinner then told the kids to go pack, that they needed clothes for three days, a bathing suit, and that it might rain so throw in a jacket. We cleaned up while they packed and soon enough we were off and running. (It was so hard to leave Penny who was giving us her best puppy dog eyes!)

We started driving and Annie was trying to guess where we were going. When we made the right for I-4 she guessed it: Orlando. We stopped at Downtown Disney (renamed Disney Springs) for some gelato at Vivoli (locations: Firenze, New York, Disney Springs.) 


Pistacchio e cioccolato! Buonissimo!
  After walking around in the drizzle, and buying my nephew the PERFECT tee shirt, we made our way back to the car and to our hotel. Timothy went to the hot tub to relieve some of his soreness from his gym workout the day before. Annie enjoyed flipping through the many TV channels. Michael and I tried to read a bit but the TV was distracting. 

Today we have a fun day planned! Stay tuned!!

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