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I’ve mentioned Little Free Libraries before here but today I wanted to give you a little more detail about them. Plus some friends of mine are talking about them too.

I first found out about them from my friend Karla’s post about it. It was love at first sight! I instantly wanted to go find the ones in my area but it took a while to find a day where I had nothing to do. Penny, the dog, and I drove around to the ones I could find in Jacksonville. It was so much fun! Like a geocache or Easter egg hunt! Below are shots of the ones I found.

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I dropped off 5 books and took home three. I picked up a book for my husband that he really liked, one for my brother and a tea mystery book for my friend Lisa and she ended up loving it so much she checked out the whole series from the library. Nothing for me.

If you want to see if there are any near you go to the Little Free Library website and click on “map” (or just follow the link I gave you.) I like to use the “city/state” feature to see all the ones in the city I’m interested. For example, here’s what you find for Jacksonville, FL:

Free Little Libraries

See the southernmost one? I live near there but that LFL is located in an elementary school so I haven’t visited that one. I looked for the ones that are clustered around the downtown area.

I’ve also found some in St. Augustine.IMG_6347

And when we were in the Virginia Mountains this summer, we accidentally found one by the Peaks of Otter Lodge!

Now go check out what Michael Ann in Savannah, GA; Karla in Northern Idaho, and Leslie in Western Texas have to say about Little Free Libraries!

Have you ever visited a Little Free Library? Do you have them in your town? Tell me below!

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17 thoughts on “Little Free Libraries

  1. I love seeing all the different styles! This is inspiring me to be more actively involved in the one across the street! I think I’ll go drop off a book today and see if there’s anything there I’m interested in reading. (Last time I looked it was mostly children’s books.)

  2. I am even more excited about LFLs now that we did this link-up. I really truly want to put one in our neighborhood park and suggested to Michael Ann that maybe if any of us are inspired to set up LFLs, we could revisit this in the spring and share. Love that each one is different. And love seeing adult books in them. So used to seeing only children’s books in mine. You were a dear to pick out books for others and look at the world of reading you opened for your friend. That’s just one of the reasons why I like you so much!

  3. So fun, love that you’re all talking about them and that you are shouting it out for everyone to know about 🙂 Never heard about these before.

  4. I just think this is the coolest thing! I’ve never seen any around here and realistically haven’t really been reading… but one day… one day lol

  5. What a neat idea! I haven’t seen them around my area. I did a quick search and nope, not around these parts. :/
    But the builder in me couldn’t stop admiring all the ones you shared, SO pretty!

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