My Alaskan Adventure {part 1}

I have spent the last week and a half in Alaska for work. I represent BookShark, a sister company to Sonlight, at homeschooling conventions. We did three conventions in three different cities: Soldotna – on the Kenai Peninsula, Anchorage and Fairbanks. What an adventure, I tell ya!

The drive to Soldtona is breathtaking. The road follows Turnagain Arm {named by Captain Cook on June 1, 1778 because he was unable to proceed any further inland and had to turnaround}  then winds through the mountains in Chugach State Park, emptying into a plain that ends at the waterfront which is part of Cook’s Inlet.
We stayed in Kenai which is an interesting little town. {emphasis on little!) Here are some scenes from the town. We did get down to the beach one evening. The water, as you can imagine, was quite…invigorating!Meal options were rather scant in Soldotna. We ate at St. Elias Brewing Company (thanks Yelp!). The pizzas looked pretty good but I was trying to behave and had a salad.We spoke with homeschoolers, encouraging and advising on how to use BookShark for their curriculum. After our Soldotna trip, we returned to Anchorage to do a two-day convention there. More on that in another post.

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4 thoughts on “My Alaskan Adventure {part 1}

  1. Incredible photos. Have never been to Alaska. Love the images from the little town. That chapel or church!!! Would love to know more about BookShark. Can I find info online?

  2. Sheila, I just rode down the Kenai with you. Have been on the Turnagain Arm road lots of times with Leah and Laddie and all the gang. On more than one journey, we stopped to photograph sheep that were eating on the rocky hillside next to the road. Other times we have stopped to watch the Belugas play. Too gorgeous for words, that scenery. Pity you don’t eat fish, love, because the salmon is, well, simply tasty in Alaska!

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