My garden grows!

If you follow me on Facebook then you know that my garden was in pretty bad shape.

See? Basically a weed patch. But then, even though it was late in the season, and multiple people (who shall remain nameless) discouraged me, I got to work. In one day it went from BAD to THIS:

Yes, I was sore for a week, but it was worth it! I listened to a lot of Andy Stanley podcasts while I worked. It was the ultimate multi-tasking! (In case you’re wondering, I did not forget that stuff in the back. That’s fennel going to seed.)

After getting all the weeds pulled and ground leveled I went to Trad’s Garden Center to buy some plants. Boy that place is dangerous! I had to be VERY disciplined NOT to buy more than my little plots can handle.

The plants in the above picture are now taller than the cages (about 5 weeks later). Here’s what’s growing. 
Cherry tomatoes:
Grape tomatoes:
San Marzano tomatoes:
And my other little plot contains eggplant and peppers. 
It won’t be long before I’ll be grilling eggplants!
Yes, I got a late start (end of April) and yes, these last few years my garden has … errr … struggled. But thank goodness we get second (and third and fourth) chances! I think this is going to be my year! Can’t wait to be eating bruschetta from my own garden. 

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  1. Awesome!! We’re just doing an herb garden on the patio this year, including sunflowers. Love that you got yours going and the part about second and third chances! God is so cool that way!!

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