One Sentence a Day – April

One of The Blended Blog ladies suggested writing a sentence a day which is a snapshot of the day. Some of us agreed to do it together for the month of April, and today we are posting the month’s worth of sentences. It was so much fun keeping track of our days that we decided to do it again next month and  then link up on June 2nd. If you want to join us, keep track of your days with just one sentence and link up with us next month!sentence-a-day

1. I started Whole30 today and just as I expected, I’ve had a caffeine-withdrawal headache all day.

2. No headache today. Yay!

Whole 30 dish
3. Up early to get to the airport to catch a flight home!

4. Rush, rush, rush to get ready for next trip and SparkWalk!

5. These 8 year olds have come a long way in their writing this year!

6. Talking to people all day about Bedder Covers {the better temporary truck bed cover} at Spark Walk!Bedder Covers at Spark Walk

7. Good thing the flight was uneventful since the set up was full of “fun”!

8. So thankful that it starts later and ends earlier than Great Homeschool Conventions!

GSLHSE event9. “Are you new to homeschooling/familiar with Sonlight/currently homeschooling?” for the umpteenth time.

10. Despite being in St. Louis for three days, I don’t get to see the arch but I’m happy to arrive at home in time for the weekly Sunday lunch at nonna’s house!

11. I’m thankful I get to spend time with my baby girl running errands and taking her to soccer since my days of being her chauffeur are numbered!

12. My little brother passed the written Sargent’s exam!

13. Why does it take all day to pack for a four day trip?

14. Vegas, baby!

Las Vegas
15. Eating, laughing, shopping, selfies with six other wonderful people.

16. I’m in sensory overload!

17. Home again, home again, jiggity-jig.

18. And now it’s time to tackle the laundry.

19. These boys have really learned a lot this year!

Writing Class
20. Been a long time but finally back to my prayer group!

21. I love it when Amber comes and my whole house is clean at the same time!

22. Found a new little bistro out at the beach: North Beach Bistro that serves the best Kobe burger!

23. So glad I finally get to go to one of Annie’s soccer games {until it gets cancelled due to weather…}

24. Although I don’t love parades, I do love the celebration of the opening of the beaches…because SUMMER!!!!

Jax Beaches parade25. I love meeting with Marcia – time flies when we get together!

Gift from writing class26. Last day of my writing class and my students surprise me with a very thoughtful bag full of gifts!

27. I also love when I get to sit in Matt’s chair for a transformation!

New hairdo!
28. Driving Annie and her friends to soccer practice the last few times before she’ll be driving herself (the countdown is on!)

29. First cup of coffee (with Hannah, at Vagabond, with no cream or sugar) in 29 days gave me the shakes! Oh boy…

30. LAST DAY OF WHOLE30 {Annie and I did it!!! woohooo!!!!} and I have another coffee date with friends but I just drink water; I finally get to watch Annie’s game and then I get to unexpectedly drive to Orlando and back to retrieve a child.

I love marking the days because time is fleeting and I do try to make the most of the time I’m given. I don’t spend a lot of time on TV and I’ve cut back on social media (especially Facebook). I have increased my multi-tasking by listening to podcasts and audio books while I do menial tasks such as laundry, cooking and dishes.

Want to join us in this exercise? Check out what the others have to say below and then keep track of your days by writing a one-sentence summary. (I used the ‘Notes’ section on my phone.)

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I'm a wife, mom, and a homeschool teacher. I'm always behind on housework and paper pile sorting. I'm fond of this crazy life but not of melted cheese. I want to follow hard after God, making each day really count. I like to run, read, cook (and eat!). Thanks for joining along on my journey!

17 thoughts on “One Sentence a Day – April

  1. Love these Sheila!! Home again! Home Again Jiggity-Jig is a fave!!And your pic of Vegas is stunning!!

  2. I love this! Is this the “bullet journal” concept I’ve been hearing about? Where/how do you record your sentence each day? Do you write it longhand, or do you type it on your phone or computer? I’d like to try this!

    1. I haven’t really looked into the bullet journal that MMD talks about so idk if this is the same thing. Personally, I keep it in the notes section of my phone so it’s always with me. As it is, I forgot to do it daily and had to catch up. But my calendar reminds me what I did each day so it was easy to do. Do it and join us next month!

  3. Congratulations on completing Whole 30! I don’t know if I could give up coffee! I’m really working on my eating habits lately so I’ve cut the sweet out of my coffee and I’m struggling enough with that. I really miss my sugary lattes!

  4. First one I read…I was like, hey wait she’s doing it again?! haha, but then realized this was last month! So are you going to do a post about your results? How you feel? Loved reading about your month. This is so fun!

  5. I put together a smash book/journal/planner thingy a couple of weeks ago just as a creative way of journaling as well as planning ahead. With that, I could easily do a sentence a day. What a great idea! I’ll have to join you with a post at the beginning of June.

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