Spring Bucket List

My pal Leslie over at Once Upon a Time&Happily Ever After ran a blog hop yesterday that was so fun that I had to come out of hiding and jump onboard! 

Here’s what’s on my Spring To Do!

  • College trips! My daughter, my BABY, is a junior so we are busy with visiting schools and studying for the SAT. Traditionally, we take spring break and make the rounds but this year her spring breaks don’t coincide so we are going when we can. We’ve already visited four: UNF, UF, FSU and JU (in that order). 
    Century Tower at the University of Florida
    The famous fountain at Florida State University
    They went to the homecoming game but didn’t do an official tour. Will do that later this spring.
  • Conventions. Spring is homeschool convention season and this year I’m going to five. New for me this year is Indianapolis which is this coming weekend. Last week was Greenville SC. 
    My amazing team in Greenville!
    I’m loving the new booth this year!
  • Garden. Last year my dad and his buddy Tom put in three raised beds for me. I have a nice big crop of parsley in one now. It also has mint and I bought thyme and sage for that herb bed. I’ve also started three kinds of basil seeds. (Pesto galore!) I asked dad to build me a little table to fit under the window in the kitchen. Then at the dollar store I bought two large plastic food containers to serve as trays. It’s working out great! I have onions in the second bed and planted lettuce in there. And I plan on putting tomatoes and peppers in the third bed. Caprese salad, salsa and panzanella are on the summer bucket list!
  • Read outside! My oldest son, Thomas, built me some wooden furniture over Christmas that I just love! I want to spend some time outside reading before it gets too hot and buggy. (I’m participating in The Blended Blog’s virtual book club. Won’t you join us for April?)
  • Fire pit and drinks. I love sitting by a fire but I don’t like to be cold. So when the nights are just cool that is the best time to sit by a fire. Better yet when there’s a nice cocktail in hand. On the bucket list: paper airplanes. 
  • Bike ride at the beach. We actually tried to do this a few weeks ago but it was before the time change. By the time we ate dinner it was too dark to ride bikes so we just went home. Will try it again one evening soon! 
  • Sew pillow covers and valance. I made some flannel plaid ones for winter but it’s really time to retire those for the season.
    You can see the plaid pillow in this shot. (I match my home!)
    I purchased the fabric and washed and ironed it. Then I ran out of time. MAYBE I’ll get them made before fall. These are what I’m going to make to go with our coastal decor although now that I saw the bright springy Starbucks cups I want to make some in these spring colors and save the nautical ones for summer. My kitchen and dining room balance are close to 20 years old! They are overdue for an update. This one inspired me to change. But it will be slightly different. 
  • Baseball game. Since several of the gals in the blog hop mentioned going to a baseball game I thought I might give it a try. Not sure when but maybe midweek might work. Our minor league team’s name changed from the Suns to the Jumbo Shrimp. Ew. 
  • Beauty and the Beast. I definitely want to go see this movie. It’s my favorite “Disney princess” movie. The ladies in our life group had talked about going together. Gotta see if that’s going to happen. 
  • Facing the Darkness. Another movie I’m going to see. It’s only showing one night, March 30. 
  • Prom! My daughter’s prom is March 31 and we are having fun shopping and getting ready for it (dress, shoes, mani, pedi, hair…oh my!) 
  • Have floors done. The carpet in our house is 8 years old and I hate it. I want tile throughout but don’t have the funds for a whole-house redo. Our living room is a step-down room so we are doing that room in May. It’s gonna be great! 
  • Make nautical graphic for picture frame. I bought this frame at a thrift store. I love the hobnail feature and the gold finish on it. I rotate out what I put in it. 

The house is already decorated for spring/Easter. We’ve been doing little projects the last few months which I’ll share with you soon! Now go check out the blog hop over at Leslie’s blog and be inspired! What is on YOUR spring bucket list? 

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8 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List

  1. Skimming this list first to get to the comments to tell you how thrilled I am to be here! To have a post to read from my buddy Sheila. Now going back to the top to savor your list, slowly. More comments to come. XO

  2. Chuckled all the way through the second time. The Jumbo Shrimp (oxymoron) is about as clever as the El Paso Chihuahuas. Gotta love it! Hope you will take in a game. We love to go.

    I remember your raised beds from last year. I think I told you, but maybe not…you did a post on saving some plants, mums? and growing them indoors for the winter. And you inspired me to bring in my mums and keep them going in the den. And they did well. See how you inspire me and others?

    Hope Indy is a great success and wonderful experience.

    You and baby girl have such beautiful smiles. Enjoy seeing more of her as you explore colleges. Hope you find the perfect fit. My poor babes just went to UTEP, no exploring and no choices. But it did they well. They just didn’t really experience college like they should have.

    Love the wooden furniture. And the pillows and valances will be precious, along with the framed art. All kinds of things you can add to your progress report post. Can I include you in the emails I send out to the other gals?

    Thank you for joining in, Sheila. I know you are crazy busy. These means so much. XO

  3. Awesome. So glad you are joining us. The raised garden beds look awesome. I wish my backyard was big enough for a garden. Thankfully my mom and dad live in a farm endless room there to put a garden in. Also enjoy the fire pit and drinks. Not warm enough here to do in the Spring or least not until end of May/early June. But a good one to keep for my summer list.

    1. You could maybe do a little container herb gardening? We had dinner in the backyard last night! Perfect weather for it! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Hooray! This whole post makes me happy! That nautical valance is adorable, Sheila! So so cute. I really want to grow some herbs this year, and then you’ll have to teach me how to use fresh basil. 🙂 If you think the Jumbo Shrimp is bad, you can have our Savannah Bananas instead! #ohmyword #horrible

    1. Fresh basil SCREAMS summer to me! I’ll do a basil post when my basil is ready to be harvested. The valances I plan on making will be the inverse: blue fabric with white rickrack trim. Now if I could stay home long enough…

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