Spring Style Challenge recap {guest post #1}

This is my fourth challenge – fall, build your basics, winter, and spring. I learn something with each one and get more and more out of my rut or comfort zone.

This particular challenge left me challenged in several areas. I was traveling a lot for work and I wear a uniform when I do so there were quite a few days that I did not wear the “Outfit Of The Day.” I struggled with finding some of the challenge pieces so I had to sub those items or skip those days. (I still need bright flats, a light chambray shirt, and several other things.) And because of all the travel, I’ve had little time to shop. (I did find a lightweight, colorful floral scarf at Fred Meyer in Anchorage, Alaska!)

So because of those hinderences, I don’t have much to contribute as a recap. Therefore I asked some other challengers to share what they learned, what worked for them or didn’t work for them. Today I give you Michael Ann Rentz. I know Michael Ann in real life. We both homeschooled our kids using the same curriculum and worked together representing the curriculum at homeschooling conventions. I told her about the challenge and she first joined the Basics one. We even got to have fun shopping together for that challenge when my husband had a work trip to her town! We also would text each other pictures as we shopped asking for input. She really nailed this Spring Challenge and has a lot to say!

Hello from sunny Savannah, Georgia!  I’m Michael Ann, a friend of Sheila’s, and I just finished the Get Your Pretty On Spring Wardrobe Challenge.  Sheila asked me to share a bit about my experience with you, and I’m excited to do so!

For the last few years I’ve been struggling to figure out how to dress my 40-something year old body.  I knew enough to NOT shop the junior section, but I had no idea how to look age-appropriate and still be fashionable.  Sheila came to my rescue!  She told me about the Get Your Pretty On blog and the wardrobe challenge she had done, and I was hooked!  I did the Build Your Wardrobe Basics Challenge last autumn and had SUCH a good time that I eagerly signed up for this year’s Spring Challenge.  During this challenge I made several important discoveries.

First, I learned that wearing white isn’t as scary as one might think!  I bought a pair of inexpensive white capris for the challenge because I KNEW I wouldn’t like them and didn’t want to invest too much money in them.  I wore those capris ONE time and I was totally smitten!  I’m now the proud owner of a white eyelet dress, those white capris, AND a pair of white trousers!  I had a lot of fun playing with the white top/white pants/and chambray outfit that was assigned.  Here are the variations I came up with, and these don’t include colorful jewelry that would add even more options and dimension.


I also learned that a couple of colorful cardigans and scarves can totally rock your wardrobe.  Steinmart ended up being my go-to place for lightweight, springtime scarves.  I got one of my cardigans from Walmart (on clearance!), and two from Target.  These items are easily paired with a tank top or t-shirt and a skirt/trousers/shorts for cute, easy outfits.  When you get your courage up you can even pair a floral scarf with a striped top and feel EVER so elegant!

This outfit was one of my favorites.


And here is the same floral scarf paired with a striped dress:


As I began this challenge I quickly discovered that my closet had an appalling lack of stripes, dots, or prints of any kind.  I’m happy to report that I have rectified that sad situation!  Marshall’s played an important role in that project.  I totally hit the summer shirt jackpot there one day.


And you know those ever-so-scary-I-could-never-wear-those metallic sandals?  Yeah?  Well it turns out that those sweet things just make the world a happier place!  And you get bonus points if they have sparkly bling on them!  I found the perfect pair at TJMaxx.  I’d post a picture of them, but the photos I’ve taken of them just do not do justice to the whole sparkle factor, and I can’t bring myself to post a non-sparkly picture.

There were only two pieces in this challenge that I did not have and did not buy.  The first was camouflage pants.  I’m from South Georgia, and camo down here is a ‘nother whole thing as compared to other parts of our country.  Added to that is the fact that my husband served in the US Air Force for 27 years, and camo featured prominently in his wardrobe.  My brain has decided that (and this is just MY brain talking about ME):  1.  Camo would make me look more redneck-y than I would care to look, and 2.  I don’t deserve the honor of wearing camo.  I will admit that many ladies have put together adorable outfits using camo pants!  My favorites are the ones that incorporate pink sneakers!  I am very happy for those ladies, and I’m on the prowl for my own pair of pink tennies.  The camo, for now, is a no-go for me.  I would like to add a pair of olive capris and/or a skirt instead.  Olive I love!


The other item I don’t own yet is a floral skirt.  I’ve come a long way in adding patterned shirts and scarves to my wardrobe, but so far I haven’t found a floral skirt that fits me well.  I’m continuing the search! 

I recommend the Get Your Pretty On wardrobe challenges for two main reasons: 

  • They have helped me shop effectively. I’ve learned to be more mindful of how different pieces of clothing can work together, and that ends up giving me more outfit options for less money.  My husband is pretty cool with that! 
  • The challenges have been a major source of encouragement and fun via the exceptionally gracious and helpful Facebook page for challenge participants. The ladies in the challenges are simply amazing.  Kind words and compliments abound, and helpful hints and advice are sweetly provided when requested.

The Spring Wardrobe Challenge was so much fun that a lot of the ladies and I are continuing to post our daily outfits on the Facebook page so we can stay in touch and continue to cheer each other on!  I’m moving through spring and into summer with a wardrobe I’m proud of and outfits I wear confidently!  What a blessing!  I’m thankful!  Now I’m counting down the days until the Summer Challenge begins!


Wasn’t that just great!? She does such a great job picking colors that suit her coloring {her blue eyes are stunning and she plays them up perfectly!} It’s funny but since I know Michael Ann, I can totally “hear” her saying this! This is her voice! Picture a sweet, genteel southern twang, and you can hear her too. Maybe one day we’ll have a big, fat meetup and get to meet each other in real life! Until then, take my word for it: she’s the real deal! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about (and seeing) Michael Ann’s take-aways from the Spring Challenge and are excited to join us for the Summer Challenge which is coming soon!

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  1. OH my gosh, I can’t believe Michael Ann didn’t wear white before this! She looks like she was made to wear white…All of the outfits looked great on her and I love the summer shirt jackpot, those days are the best aren’t they?!

  2. Thank you for the kind words, Sarah! And YES! Jackpot days ARE the best!

  3. What a great idea to feature Michael Ann – she did such a great job with her outfits during the challenge. I’m already looking forward to the summer challenge!

  4. Love that you featured Michael Ann! She has been a great source of encouragement for me this challenge, she always says the sweetest things that just make my day and I love the way she puts her outfits together!
    Great choice to help you re-cap!

  5. So funny, I could hear MA’s sweet voice as I read it, too. You look beautiful, my dear friend!

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