St. Louis, Missouri

Two weeks ago I flew to St. Louis to work my last convention of the season. I had worked this same convention the previous year but hadn’t had the time or the energy to do much of anything around town.

This year we arrived early enough on Wednesday to do a tiny bit of sightseeing. When it dawned on me that we would be in the same city as the Novel Neighbor, I immediately texted my friend and coworker Michael Ann to tell her! We *immediately* made plans to make a quick visit.

Both of us are Modern Mrs. Darcy fans and diligently follow Anne’s podcast What Should I Read Next? which is where we learned about the Novel Neighbor.  Our other coworker, Johna, picked up Michael Ann, Lisa and me at the airport and we headed directly to the independent bookstore. On our arrival the two fans immediately started taking selfies in front of the store while the other two looked on with amusement. They patiently waited and browsed while the two of us shopped and fangirled and chatted with the gal who worked there. I had mistaken her for the owner but she informed us that Holland had stepped out and would be returning shortly. We confessed to being MMD fans and she quickly showed us the MMD bookshelf! You can read all about my spending the gift certificates I received from fellow Blended Blogger  HERE.

After our bookstore stop, we decided we had enough time to go visit the arch. Although it was crazy hot and humid in St. Louis (felt like I was back at home!), we braved all that for a chance to see this iconic landmark. It was under construction and it was SO hot and it was getting late so we decided to forgo the trip to the top. 
After three full convention days, fast forward to our last day in St. Louis where we decided to take another coworker’s recommendation and visit “the Hill.” The Hill is an Italian community, complete with Italian-flag-painted fire hydrants. We picked an Italian/Greek restaurant on Yelp that had excellent reviews. Upon further reading we learned that it was a DDD place! We put our name and cell phone number on the wait list and went for a walk around the neighborhood. 

If you ever make it St. Louis, I recommend all three: the Novel Neighbor, the Arch, and the Hill!

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