Style Me Bloggers: I like big books…

…and I cannot lie! And small books, and children’s books… I really do love books which is what led me to major in English in college.

I came across this list recently and have thought about trying to read through it. And I may hit most of them but I’m not going to force it. This year I read The Book Thief which falls under the “a book I’ve been meaning to read” and “a book everyone else has read” and “a book recommended by someone with good taste.” It was good, but I didn’t *looove* it. I’ll work on filling in the other categories. Maybe.

I do already have a list of books that I came up with already from my New Year’s Resolutions that I’m working on. So far I haven’t finished any but I am currently working on two books: Mark Buchanan’s  The Holy Wild and Philip Keller’s A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23.

On Wednesday I had an hour to kill while I waited for my son, so I went to the library and browsed. {I love doing that and I still get giddy when I can take books home for free!} I came home with quite a stack of books. First I found a few on the topic of fashion. All three deal with the topic of fashion for the “grown-up girl.” Ahem. 

Then I found several that deal with decorating which is just fashion for the home. I had read The Nesting Place a few months ago,  and was inspired by her tagline: It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful {isn’t that true about ourselves too?} So with that inspiration, I want to learn more about decorating and design and find my house style. I’m getting there.

On the school front, since we use a literature-based curriculum, I recently finished reading Hope Was Here which I really enjoyed. I should have known I’d like it since I’d read another book by Joan Bauer, Rules of the Road, which I have also liked. My son finished The Wednesday Wars and told me I should read it. So that’s sitting on my nightstand, waiting for me. My daughter is currently reading Keeping Score by another great Young Adult author (A Single Shard was fantastic!). I had read Keeping Score two years ago when my son had done this level.

And then for the car, I’ve gotten back into the habit of listening to an audio book rather than the radio. I had heard of the Miss Julia books from a friend and kept meaning to give one a try. I found one on audio and was smitten by her wit and strong personality! Now I want to read them in order… {Are you familiar with this proper Southern lady? You should be!} Some of my favorite quotes from Miss Julia’s School of Beauty:

“If today works out, then tomorrow will too.”

“I have come to the conclusion that the most important ingredient of a good marriage is laughter…”

“Little by little, I came to accept if not condone what I couldn’t seem to change, which is exactly the way sin sneaks up on you.”


So many books…so little time!

I can’t wait to see what books the other Style Me Bloggers will be featuring! I bet I’ll get some good summer reading ideas! Between that and Anne {of Modern Mrs. Darcy} summer reading recommendations, I’ll be set for reading this summer!

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9 thoughts on “Style Me Bloggers: I like big books…

  1. I go on library binges! I can’t just get one book. My son says I should only check out what I can carry…but if I have my forearm crutch, that isn’t a lot, so he has to help and I check out even more 😉 Sneaky trick of mine. I am going to have to find Sailing Style! I have a quilt idea in the works and I bet that would be a lovely book to browse for it!! Thanks for the recommendations. I will have to pick a couple more books up now!

  2. I have never heard of Miss Julia!! WHAT?!? Adding them to my list…already love all the quotes! And love YA books as well! I have hope was here in our school library….I’ll have to read it for myself!!

  3. Love your recommends! Will be adding some of these to my list. I always keep a book in the car in case I’m stuck somewhere! Have a great Easter weekend!

  4. Oh, I’m so glad you’ve finally “met” Miss Julia! Was I the friend who recommended it? If not, I should’ve been! Laura (dd) and I *love* Miss Julia, especially on audio book.

    Hmm… maybe I oughta post a reading list. It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. Ya know, I really need to get involved in some good bloggy memes again.

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