Style Me Bloggers: My inspiration – From Playlists to Style and more!

I’m joining the Style Me Bloggers for our last link up! Be sure to check out what inspires them!

Since I am a list maker, I also love to read other people’s lists. Their lists inspire me. They give me ideas. They move me to action. So I thought I’d share a few of my favorite lists.


Music. How many of you are on Spotify? I have borrowed my kid’s playlists and then modified them for my own. I have a “fun songs {Link}” list and a “jesus {Link}” list. Also, in reading At Home with Madame Chic, I got some album ideas for French music {Link} and Mozart {Link}.  I will also list to Pandora. That’s one way I find new music that is in my style. My favorite stations are Owl City Radio for working out, Antonio Vivaldi Radio when I want to drown out my son’s rap music, and Fernando Ortega Radio when I want soft, soothing religious music.

Style. When I need some inspiration, I usually peruse the Land’s End catalog. That’s kinda like a list, right? Shirts, pants, shoes… I also follow JoLynne Shane, Cyndi Spivey and Carrie Carson on Instagram. Cyndi  recently had a 10 Fall Wardrobe Essentials {Link} post on her blog that was helpful and she does 31 Days of [insert season here] {Link} series. 26 Days of Fall is coming soon and Cyndi and JoLynne are collaborating on this one! Carrie does a series called Create28 {Link} that is fun to play along with.

Books. Anne Bogel’s Summer Reading List {Link}. As a book lover, I already have my own lists of books I want to read. But sometimes, for inspiration, I want to explore someone else’s tastes and maybe find a new author or genre . Last year, thanks to Anne’s 2104 list, I discovered foodie books {Link}. Who knew there was such a category?  I enjoyed reading  two books off her list: Delancy, and Garlic and Sapphires. (Bread & Wine I had already read before discovering this list.)

Food. Tiffany’s 3 Things That Work in the Kitchen {Link}. These are random things that Tiffany has done or tried that worked for her. They are not recipes, per se, but often a recipe or food related thing. Often it’s something that she’s tried and it’s worked well like marinating chicken the lazy and forgetful way {Link}. Other times it might be something that she tried, that was a good idea, but didn’t turn out well {Link}. I appreciate those kinds of posts too because somehow it’s comforting when the “professionals” get it wrong sometimes. I can cut myself some slack when I have a “fail.”

Remember to check out my bloggy friends’ posts too! In case you are wondering why this is our last link up, we are actually going to start something new: a collaborative blog! It’s still in the works so stay tuned!

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15 thoughts on “Style Me Bloggers: My inspiration – From Playlists to Style and more!

  1. Clicked on your Mozart Spotify link immediately. Classical music inspires me in certain tasks. YOU inspire me in so many ways. Thanks for sharing.

  2. love how you broke this down!! I haven’t tried spotify, I just use songza but i love how you can pick playlists for what you’re doing!

  3. Ok, confession…I don’t Spotify or Pandora or Shazzam or Songza or Heart Radio. I still have records. But you have inspired me to investigate one or all of the above. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Love how you wrote this! I very much find inspiration in book and music too!! And love that you said style!! So true!! I have to get on Spotify!!

  5. I recently signed up for Spotify but haven’t actually created anything yet. Maybe I can just follow your lists. I’m going to check out Anne’s list. I love perusing people’s reading lists – it’s so helpful. Thank you for the shout out…that was humbling.

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