15 Things I’m Thankful For

It’s the first Monday of the month which means it’s time for another TBB Asks! This month we are focusing on things we are thankful for. In the month of November I like to post daily on Instagram one thing I am thankful for. Our thoughts shape who we are so if we dwell on the positive we will be more positive. Let’s get to it!

15 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. A new friend – Through the women’s ministry at my church I am getting to meet many new friends!
  2.  Something shiny – My wedding ring. Thankful for 26 years of marriage!
  3. Someone unexpected – A  friend with whom I used to spend time years ago has come back into my life, and I am grateful for the time we are getting together and for the incredible witness she is being to those around her as she walks down a difficult road.
  4. Something ordinary – My parents have recently picked and pressed olives and I just received the new oil! Freshly pressed oil tastes so different than regular olive oil and I am enjoying the pungent flavor!
  5. A person you’ve known for a long time – When we first joined Redeemer we used to sit behind a family with two little girls. We soon became fast friends and over the years we have done many things together including HERE together.
  6. Somewhere you go every day – Well almost every day: the park where I walk Penny and run with friends. I’ve been injured so I have not been going lately and I really miss it! “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til it’s gone…!
  7. Someone who’s taught you something – I had lunch with her on Friday. She has taught me many things: about being a disciple, about parenting, about marriage. I am so grateful for our friendship, her transparency and her willingness to share her wisdom with others (me!)
  8. A far-away place – The home I grew up in (well, high school. I was a military brat…). I love going back to Sicily!
  9. Something that’s saving your life right now – My phone. Is that cliche’? My calendar is on there and it reminds me of my appointments. I also use the Wunderlist app a lot for getting things done! Plus I can check email and text friends. What would I do without it??
  10. Someone you see every day – I sure do love this guy and am so happy to wake up to him every morning!thankful for this guy!
  11. Something you enjoy doing – Spending time with people. I’m a “quality time” person, so getting to spend time with people is enjoyable to me, even as an introvert! (Don’t know what I mean by that? Take the quiz HERE)
  12. Someone female – My mom. I miss her when she’s in Italy for the summer. I’m excited that she’ll be back soon and we’ll get to be together for another 6 months!
  13. A special place – My home. It’s not big or fancy but I really love the history we have in this place!
  14. Someone male – My dad. He got back on Saturday and we’ve already spent some good time together! I’m so thankful for him!
  15. Something warm – Homemade PSL. Hubby makes it. If you already make your own homemade cappuccino (and if you don’t but want to, just follow my directions HERE ), then it’s SO easy to make your own. Just add pumpkin spice to the grounds and proceed from there. (HERE is my recipe for making your own pumpkin spice!)thankful for cappuccinoWhat are you thankful for? You don’t have to tell me all 15, but just one would be nice! Let me know in the comments! (If you are reading this then I am thankful for YOU too!)

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I'm a wife, mom, and a homeschool teacher. I'm always behind on housework and paper pile sorting. I'm fond of this crazy life but not of melted cheese. I want to follow hard after God, making each day really count. I like to run, read, cook (and eat!). Thanks for joining along on my journey!

15 thoughts on “15 Things I’m Thankful For

  1. Appreciate how so many of your answers revolve around the loving relationships you have with family and friends. Your shiny beats mine (blingy Target cardis) hands down!!

    Glad your dad made it home safely and will be anxious to hear the same about your mom.
    Thank you for keeping me in the loop with these posts. I sure enjoy them. And our friendship. XO

  2. Isn’t Italy wonderful? My family is from Italy also. I go back every once in a while to see all my cousins. Thank goodness for Facebook otherwise I’d never see them!
    Love all your answers.
    Take care.

      1. Rimini, San Marino, Pesaro………my family now lives in Bologna but they have kept the small seaside home my father (and their mother, my father’s sister) grew up in and use it every summer. The first time I spent a summer there, I was 16. It changed my life forever!
        PS: love your blog. I’m a newbie follower!

      2. We’re from the Marche region. The little towns along the coastline: Rimini, San Remo, Pesaro……my family now lives in Bologna but have retained the seaside home of our parents (my dad, their mother who was my father’s sister) I’ve gone back a few times to see my cousins. Thank goodness for Facebook! Otherwise, I’d never see them!
        Italy is a special country, is it not?

          1. Hi Sheila. Sicily is beautiful. Not too many tourists go to the Le Marche areas. Which is great. When we go to the shore villages, all we meet are mostly locals. It’s wonderful.

  3. I didn’t even know you could make olive oil at home…awesome to have great friends and family surrounding you.

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