The Honeymoon! {Tuesdays with Tina, part 19}

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Tina: No, no. We got married on a Sunday and that night we left to go to Germany. We drove all night. I was so excited about driving, I wasn’t sleepy, so a little me a little him, we arrived in Germany the following morning! After a wedding and a reception!

Hugh: And that day we didn’t do nothing.

Tina: No, we didn’t do nothing because – 

Hugh: We rented a place that next night, in a German house

Tina: No, Ugo, you’re getting confused –

Hugh: No I’m not!

Tina: Believe me, you’re getting confused…The first night we went to Garmisch. Then we moved on to other places but the first night was in Garmisch.

Hugh: Tina, I didn’t get anything until I was in the hospital – you got drunk that night –

Tina: No, no… (He doesn’t remember anything…)

Me: I remember the story that you went to some motel that was like the Psycho motel.

Tina: That was a guest house.

Me: So was that in Garmisch?

Dad: No.

Tina: No, because we traveled then. We went to Amelia Earhart Hospital.

Hugh: That’s where we…

Tina: No! No! I remember where we consummated! It was in Garmisch!

Hugh: Tina it’s not true! We hit Garmisch on the way back down!

Tina: I remember the first stop was Garmisch. Then another night, it was 2:00 a.m., I was so scared. The car that was sliding [on the ice], it was night…

Hugh: That was after we had left Amelia Earhart… You’re right about that…

Tina: At 2:00 a.m.!!!

Hugh: I put the brakes on and we kept going…

Tina: …kept going…and stopped on the edge of a cliff! I said, “Madonna! Why did we come here??” The thing was we couldn’t understand each other…

Hugh: On the way up we stopped at a guest house. I asked if they had a room and she replied, “blah blah blah blah” [German]. Tina asked in Italian. “Blah, blah, blah.” Nuthin’. She reached out and took our hand and pulled us inside the house.

Tina: All wood, Sheila!

Hugh: We went up the stairs…

Me: Creak, creak, creak!

Tina: With a teeny tiny light! I had recently seen the movie “Psycho” and I thought, “This…” I didn’t take my clothes off!

Hugh: She didn’t take her clothes off!

Tina: No way!

Hugh: So you know…the first night we drove all night, the second night she wouldn’t take her clothes off and the third night…

Tina: It was the second night…

Me: So you stayed at a hospital??

Hugh: Yeah. It’s a hospital hotel.

Me: Really?

Hugh: Yeah. The hospital is for wounded people coming in, you know, and they gotta have some place for those people to stay.

Me: Like from the war? What wounded people?

Hugh: I don’t know! I just tell you it was Amelia Earhart was a hotel and the hospital was attached to it. And we stayed on the second floor, Titi’. And that night we were dancing and Tina was drinking beer.

Tina: I had two dark beers…

Me: Two GERMAN beers!

Hugh: Two big ones and pretty soon she’s staggering around on the floor out there and told her, “Tina I think we’d better go…”

Tina: Now he can tell anything because I don’t remember!

Hugh: She was! So we went upstairs and she went to sleep! Nothing that night!

Tina: The second night we consummated…

Hugh: It’s not true.

Me: So there’s some disagreement between the two parties.. [laughter]…



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