Week 3 Build Your Basics Challenge

Can’t believe week three is already here with only a few days of outfits left!

This week I didn’t get to wear near as many outfits of the day (OOTD) since we were traveling for Thanksgiving and I didn’t have all the right pieces. Then it warmed up and it was too hot to wear long sleeves and boots! But here’s what I managed:

Day 10: Cardigan + Blouse + Black Pants + Leopard Belt + Black Boots

Since I still don’t have a jewel colored blouse (and it was cold) I subbed a sweater. No leopard belt since these pants have no belt loops. I felt like I needed a little more color near my face so I added a light floral scarf, tied as an infinity scarf.

Added a mustard layering tee for warmth.

Day 11:Chambray + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Leopard Belt + Riding Boots

This was Thanksgiving day and initially I was going to wear something a little dressier but then I realized we were spending Thanksgiving on a horse farm, albeit a really NICE farm, but still a farm. So I went with the OOTD and was very comfy. (Barefoot in the picture since I was indoors, but I did wear my riding boots). Added a cable knit flowy cardigan for warmth.

Such a comfy outfit!

Day 12: Cardigan+ Striped Top + Bootcut Jeans + Black Boots

This was one of the days that we were traveling so I didn’t have all the pieces for the outfit so I did my own thing. And forgot to get a picture.

Day 13: Black Jacket + Blouse + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Leopard Flats

Another travel day with doing my own thing. No picture.

Day 14: Neutral Sweater + White Shirt + Black Pants + Black Boots

Church day. I did wear the OOTD but I didn’t actually put on my neutral sweater. I just draped it around my shoulders.

Day 15: Cardigan + Striped Top + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Riding Boots

On this day, the temps were in the high 70s so I subbed a short sleeved top and flip flops and nixed the cardigan. Since it was barely in line with the OOTD, I didn’t get a picture.

Day 16: Blouse+ Long Necklace + Boot Cut Jeans + Heeled Boots

Too warm on this day too to wear boots and long sleeves so I subbed a ruby short sleeved blouse and my trusty leopard flats. Forgot to get a picture.

Day 17: Black Blazer + White Shirt + Skinny or Straight Jeans + Leopard Belt + Nude Heels

Today I am determined to wear the outfit, even if it means turning on the a/c in the car. I don’t have nude heels yet so I subbed the ever trusty leopard again.

Casual yet feel pulled together. 

Only 4 days left in this challenge! We already received the shopping list for the Winter Challenge. Care to join me? Go here to sign up for this new challenge! It’s not too late!

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