AchieveMint App update

Here’s an update on the Achievement app I blogged about a few months ago. Remember when I told you about this app that paid you to workout? Well, I just hit my first reward! I chose a $10 gift card to Amazon as my payout. How cool is that? Yes, it took 4 months to get there but hey! I’m doing the workouts anyway! Might as well make a little cash! I think it’s pretty cool!

I have connected three apps I use: Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, and Apple Health. I get points for all three. They have a lot more you can choose from though like Fitbit, Jawbone, all the MapMyRun(walk/hike) apps.

Interested? If you have a smart phone all you have to do it download the app. (It has received a facelift lately so it looks a little different than the original pink.  The name also went from AchieveMint to Achievement but it’s still the same app.) If you join through my referral link, we’ll both earn 250 points and get that much closer to the 10,000 point goal!

Also, if you have an Apple watch we can be friends!

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  1. I had added this to my iPhone and then Santa brought me an Android. Will look about adding it to that phone now. $10 is $10. I stop to pick up pennies, sure wouldn’t pass up a ten spot!

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