Okay, I gotta admit it: this Fall Style Challenge is addicting!

The ladies in the challenge are posting their pictures on the Facebook group page and I’m having a hard time tearing away from the feed! Everyone is so encouraging and positive. Plus, it’s so fun to see how everyone is styling the given outfit for the day. Here’s what my version looks like! Oh I like what she did in her version! Well that version is certainly…different!

It’s sort of like following a recipe: this shirt, with those pants and these shoes and that scarf. Voila’! Instant cute outfit! Plus I don’t have to think of what to wear; the decision is made for me.

It’s also fun to see how people are adapting it for warm weather (subbing shorts for jeans or short sleeves for long), for work (swapping jeans for pants, a cardigan rather than a military jacket) or swapping things out because they don’t have a certain element such as booties or black skinny jeans.

Wanna see what I’m talking about? Okay, here’s my day one outfit:

 The “ingredients” were boyfriend jeans, striped top, booties, tassel necklace.

I selected my new skinny boyfriend jeans (Max Jeans-Marshalls clearance), black and white striped top (Forever 21), tan suede booties – (Old Navy), and long dangly necklace in place of a tassel necklace (Old Navy. 

However, it was going to be a hot day, so the second picture is what really happened. I thought it would be fun to stick to the theme. I wore a striped, short sleeved top (Liz Clairborne-old), jean shorts (Gap-old, rolled up boyfriend style), black flip flops (Clarks from Bealls this summer), and a short, freshwater pearl necklace (Shell World in Key Largo). I was just staying home after all, wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want the longer necklace to get in the way.

For day two the ingredients were oatmeal, long sleeved top, black skinny jeans, cognac riding boots, military jacket and plaid scarf.

Again I had to adapt to the weather so I wore a short sleeved oatmeal top (Jones New York – old), black skinny jeans (Forever 21-last year), leopard flats (Merona-Target), and a lightweight scarf (H&M – Paris, 3 years ago). A funny thing happened: I accidentally posted my picture on my Facebook page, not the challenge page. I was in a hurry to take my daughter to co-op and didn’t realize my mistake til later. When it occurred to me, my first impulse was to delete it and just repost it in the right place, but then I realized that several people had already made likes and comments. So I shrugged my shoulders and let it go. And happy coincidence: several people who don’t usually comment on my stuff left me compliments! Made me feel all warm and yummy inside!

This challenge is certainly teaching me new things, getting me out of my comfort zone and helping me to feel pretty! What about you? What are you doing to help you feel pretty? Tell me in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “Addicted

  1. I love seeing your warm weather adaptation. Up here in Canada we get fall/winter most of the year! lol I like the scarf in the second picture. Great for your warmer climate.

    1. Thanks Christy! I long to wear the outfits as they were intended but I’m not complaining. This weather we are having has been great! My favorite time of year in FL is fall and spring. Warm without the humidity!

  2. Great job making the outfits work for your nice weather. I think we’ve all made or come close to making the wrong Facebook page mistake 🙂 glad you got lots of nice comments!

    1. Technically I’ve been at it a few years but I’ve been very sporadic in my blogging so am not far along in knowledge. Hoping to pick up a few things myself from the other bloggers in this challenge! Thanks for stopping by!

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