Another milestone

Today marks a new change in my life. Yesterday my middle child turned 16 and of course part of the day consisted of a trip to the DMV to get a driver’s license. We have another driver in the household.

Although we already went through this with our first-born, I’m finding it doesn’t get any easier with the second. I clearly remember the day Michael and I drive two cars to the DMV, then watched Tommy drive off to school alone. That was hard. Reeeeeeeealy hard.
I relived that day today, but this time Timothy and Annie drove off together to go to PEP.
( There goes my liiiiiifffe… running through my head)
And another string that binds my children to me is severed. 
And another little piece of my heart breaks off. 
This parenting thing is the hardest roller coaster I’ve ever ridden. With exhilarating peaks and steep drops, it often stops me in my tracks, gasping for breath, eyes blurred.
Today is one of those moments that quickly drops me to my knees in prayer for my children. Lord, pleeeeeeaaase keep my children safe on the road! Keep all bad drivers far from them. Give Timothy wisdom in how to handle any situation that arises…. And then I receive the required text: WE MADE IT ALIVE. 
Tears. (I’m such a sap, I know.)
And I’ve got to do this aaaaaaallll over again in two years! (I just felt another hair turn grey.)

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