Asian Market

Last week, I needed several food items that would be cheaper from an Asian market so I popped into one that I hadn’t been to before. (Local peeps: it’s the one on the corner of Hartley and Old St. Augustine, across from the Walmart market strip).

asian market

As I was walking the aisles, it brought to mind the market I had visited in Alaska and my friend’s post about it. Because of that post, I decided to snap a few pix of the more unusual items.

BBQ sauce

This one had me laughing…vegetarian BBQ sauce?? For what, grilled tofu? Most (all?) BBQ in the south is some kind of meat. Now granted, it might be game rather than a domesticated animal, but it’s pretty much all meat. So this vegetarian sauce struck me as funny…chili garlic sauce

This did not strike me as funny because of what it is. I love chili garlic sauce and in fact even bought some on this trip. But 8.5 pounds of it??? I guess if you own an Asian restaurant and you need to refill your small jars, this makes sense. But this wasn’t a Costco type of store. It was a regular market. I cannot imagine ever going through this much!jelly drink

The drink aisle was REALLY interesting! So many different kinds of drinks to try. I think I’ll serve this at the next Life Group and just call it “limeade” and see if anyone bats an eye…pickeled lettuce

This is another new one. I’ve had pickled onions, peppers and even okra, but I’ve never had pickled lettuce. I guess it’s kinda like kimchee?rambutan

I love rambutans and have even instagrammed them before. (You can follow me here if you don’t already.) However, I don’t really care for canned fruit so I cannot imagine what these must be like! I’ll stick to fresh (Freshfield Farms carries them around here!)


I had fun walking around and looking at all the cool foreign things. I know that in Italy there is a whole row of different pasta brands and types just as there were different sauces – soy and otherwise. I spent the majority of my time here.

the loot

I came away with all the items I needed plus a few more. Beginning from the front left –> baker’s twine (because why not?), small jar of sambal olek, large bottle of gluten-free tamari sauce (like soy sauce so I can invite Denise over and she can eat), sesame oil, mirin, rice vinegar, bamboo sticks (for shish-ke-bab), 4 limes for $1 (because the price was great and I couldn’t pass it up), hoisin sauce, and Pocky for the kids (chocolate covered cookie sticks). All this was under $50. Now I have all the ingredients I need to make lots of stir fries! I forgot to check and see if they had balut eggs! Oh well…next time!

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8 thoughts on “Asian Market

  1. Fun post! I’ve been there before but it has been over a year. I hear they have fabulous hand-made brooms in the back for sale. A gal at church raved about how well they work. I still have my broom head from Italy, which I love, but the stick broke off so I can’t use it. 🙁 I need to visit Nonno.

    1. I enjoyed learning about new foods on the post. Hmmm, pickled lettuce, very interesting. Also, thanks for thinking of the gluten free tamari!

  2. I thought of that Asian market in Alaska the minute I saw your post title. I’ve seen Asian markets around here but I’ve never been brave enough to go in one. Remember how we thought it would be fun to create a basket of weird foods for a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas-time?

    The tag line on the vegetarian BBQ sauce cracked me up: “To make fried hot pot food tasty.” Not sure what fried hot pot food would include, but apparently it’s not very tasty without this sauce, huh?

    Just the picture on the can of the Grass Jelly Drink makes me shudder. Eww. And pickled lettuce? Apparently it’s the stalks, not the leaves, from what I can tell of the contents of the jars. I might try that on a dare, but I can’t imagine enjoying it.

    And yes, next time be sure to notice if they have balut eggs. I dare you to serve those to your Life Group at Easter time! LOL!

  3. Oh man I GREW UP going to Asian markets! The canned Lychees (whatever it was with an R you posted)–SO GOOD! The brooms! Yes! The little bowls-yes! And the KNIVES! OMGQ! I have a $500 set of knives and I used my $4 asian knives every single day!! I couldn’t live without my asian market!! What a fun post!

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