Camping at Ft. Clinch 

Our family has been camping with friends at Ft. Clinch for over a decade. It has become a tradition. We camp in the youth campsite which is mostly used by Boyscouts. It’s a remote space, one mile back in the woods, down a dirt road. Although it’s in the woods, they do have a nice bathroom with hot water and a large outdoor sink for washing dishes.

We try to go in the spring and fall but our family can’t always make it. This year five families came. We had given our niece and nephew coupons for Christmas the previous year and one of those coupons was to go camping with us. They have camped before but only in their RV, never in a tent! So besides our two kids, we had two of my brother’s kids as well.

We left Friday evening, stopping off at Burger Fi for dinner. Coupon number two was for a burger dinner.
We arrived at camp in the dark. We set up our tent by flashlight while the kids played with the other kids. 
 Some of the best camping fun is cooking and eating (isn’t that true at home too? Yes. Yes, it is.) We made cappuccinos, American coffee, bacon and pancakes. Kids scarfed them down!
The Tauntons had brought a bow and arrow set so Timothy helped the youngest two shoot them. Then he showed them how it’s done.

My two doing a little hamocking



 IMG_5595After cleaning up from breakfast we piled into several trucks and headed over to the fort for a walk on the beach.        Right after this picture was taken, Lily stepped on an oyster shell and sliced her foot open. Ouch! Lucky for us, we had a sonographer (who doesn’t get queezy) and an EMT with us.

After getting her cleaned up, bandaged and back to camp, it was time to drive back to town to volunteer at our church’s Harvest Festival (post on that later).

It was night when we made it back to the campground. I snapped this picture of the dirt road going to the camp.
 The next day we ate breakfast, broke down camp, and then went on a hike to the BFT, which is part of the camping in Ft Clinch tradition. It took some doing because the tide was in but we finally found it. The Big Fallen Tree!


  On the way home we stopped by Panera for lunch. With bellies full, these guys crashed for the ride home.  They begged us to go again when we go next time. I’ll say that their first tent camping was a success!

I know camping isn’t for everyone but I think everyone has to at least try it once. Have you been camping? Tent or RV?

Who wants to join us for the spring trip? Comment below and I’ll add you to the email list!

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