Checklist for Outfitting a Dorm Room (for a guy)

Since we just dropped our second child off at college (and no, it doesn’t get any easier) I took a few notes of what we brought to set up his dorm room. Below  is my recommended checklist of items you’ll need to outfit a dorm room.

dorm room graphic

It is a “bare minimum” list. Obviously, every student will have different needs according to the style of dorm but this will at least give you a starting place. Don’t forget to consult with your roommate to avoid purchasing doubles of items like appliances! And for a girl, you’ll need a lot more. Just sayin’…

Bed and Bath

  • egg crate mattress pad (to make those plastic-covered mattresses a bit more comfy)
  • extra-long twin sheets (believe me! There’s a difference!)
  • comforter/quilt
  • blanket for snuggling
  • pillow(s) with cases
  • towels and washcloths
  • bath rug
  • shower curtain and rings
  • full-length mirror

Kitchen Items

  • coffee maker and filters
  • coffee mugs and spoons
  • sugar/sweetener
  • creamer/half and half
  • mini fridge
  • microwave
  • trash can and liners (room came with a recycle can only)
  • a few plates or paper plates
  • a few pieces of silverware or plasticware
  • water bottle/cups
  • a few plastic food containers
  • cleaning cloth/paper towels
  • dish drying pad/dishwashing detergent

Laundry Supplies

  • laundry detergent pods/dryer sheets
  • laundry bag/basket (we have a hamper with wheels)
  • iron/ironing board or steamer (for you maybe? not my boy…)

Personal Hygiene and Health

  • First aid items
  • tweezers and nail clippers
  • ear plugs
  • prescription meds
  • soap/body wash
  • shampoo/conditioner
  • shaving accessories
  • deodorant/moisturizer
  • toothbrush/toothpaste


  • phone (doubles as alarm) and charger
  • computer/laptop with cords
  • ethernet cable (get a long one! 14 ft isn’t long enough!)
  • power strip with surge protector


  • shorts/pants
  • tops/tees
  • long-sleeved tops/sweaters
  • jacket/coat
  • undies/socks
  • bathing suit/workout clothes
  • shoes
  • watch/jewelry/sunglasses
  • extra hangers (trust me…)


  • backpack
  • school supplies such as pens/pencils/paper
  • notebook
  • tape/post-its/scissors/stapler
  • calculator
  • flashlight (headlamp)
  • rain gear (umbrella? jacket?)
  • skateboard and/or bike
  • decorations for walls/message or bulletin boards
  • small bins for hold misc. stuff (we used two for undies and socks but could have used a plastic one to hold toiletries)
  • ATM card/
  • river’s license/student ID
  • health insurance card
  • sporting equipment (Timothy is bringing his rock climbing stuff. His roommate brought golf clubs and surf board.)

Timothy’s room is carpeted so we didn’t need to bring a throw rug. His room has a bathroom so he needed a curtain and a bathmat but he did not need things like shower shoes and a shower caddy. He is not bringing a TV/DVD/gaming system or printer. He may need a lamp, a storage cart/cabinet in the bathroom (there’s no cabinet at all in there!)

dorm room
The drop off went really well. With four of us, it only took two trips to get two carloads to the 3rd floor. After loading up his dresser, hanging up his clothes, making his bed and setting up his computer, off we went to grab lunch at Bento’s.

Then a quick stop at Publix to pick up a few items (drinks and snacks, coffee and half and half.)

Once we unloaded that stuff, it was time for goodbye. I got all my tears out earlier so I did well! Yay!! (Thank you for all your kind comments on social media and texts of encouragement and prayers! I really appreciated them!)

Timothy’s address is 11800 UNF Drive Box 0626 Jacksonville FL 32224-2645 in case anyone wants to send him snail mail. (Who doesn’t love to get real mail in the mailbox??)

What would you add to this list? Maybe we need it and didn’t even realize it!!

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10 thoughts on “Checklist for Outfitting a Dorm Room (for a guy)

  1. Wow! Those are large rooms at UNF! Very nice. Don’t forget your college emergency kit :), lol!

  2. Sharing this with my sister in just a sec. Such a comprehensive list. Throw rug! Ethenet cable. Thank you, thank you. How are you holding up, friend? XO

  3. Thinking of you. I am sure it is exciting to see him move on to a new chapter in his life – but at the same time sad to see another chapter ending. And, as I am looking at the dorm room with a bathroom – I am thinking how lucky – I remember the days of the awful community showers and waiting in line!

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