Closet remodel {Part 1}

In the month of October, when I was only blogging about fashion, I had a birthday. My husband gave me a wonderful present: four packs of velvet hangers {they had been on my wishlist thanks to a recommendation from Lana} and a “coupon” for a closet remodel! I had wanted to paint my closet because it had never been painted since we moved in (16 years now!) and I wanted to freshen it up a bit. You might remember me blogging about my closet before.

The coupon was good for a complete closet overhaul. Not only fresh paint, but also new shelving, lighting and shoe holder! I was thrilled!

Here is the state it was in before. I love doing before and after pictures, don’t you?!

The closet was packed and although I tried to keep it neat, it was a disaster! The top left held tops and the bottom left held pants and skirts. The hanging cubby thing held sweaters and purses. To the right were the long items, mainly dresses.

closet 1The top shelf held some sweaters and sweatshirts but since I’m short It would quickly get messy. closet 2Stuff was always spilling out of the vertical organizer. Shoes were a jumbled mess.closet 3I helped with the demolition. While Michael was out of town, I set to work. First I unloaded everything. Ugh. The stuff!! I decluttered a bunch as I pulled it out.closet 4EWWWWWW!!!!nasty closetThe accumulated dust was disgusting. This is transparency people! I’m showing you just how nasty the closet was!dirty shoe rackGross!!! See the dust that had settled on the shoe rack?
filthy shelfAnd on the shelving? And my family wondered why I wanted to freshen up with some paint!
empty closet Once the shelving was pulled out you could see all the holes in the wall. There were some already there from before we moved in. holes in the wallMichael set to work when he got back. First he patched the holes. Then he started painting.
painting 3Penny is supervising. She loves her daddy and wants to be near him at all times. painting PennyIsn’t she so cute? Love that girl. I had to go out of town when he was working on the shelving. I really wanted him to send progress pictures but he wouldn’t.

I’ll show you the reveal in the next post!

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  1. CLIFFHANGER!!! I want to seeeeeeee nowwwwww. What a brilliant present idea though- also what an awesome hubby. Can’t wait to see

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