Currently – September 2017

I’m joining Anne of Anne in Residence‘s and cohost  Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants with the Currently link up where we are sharing what we are currently celebrating, watching, welcoming, preparing, and photographing!

Currently –  September 2017


Our son’s 22nd birthday and our 26th anniversary! Tommy is living with us this semester so he can work on his van with his dad and is commuting to Gainesville for his last semester so we had to celebrate early. We all went to Biscotti’s for dessert. After classes were over he left for a concert in Hampton VA, taking his van for a test-trip.

On Friday we celebrated our anniversary with dinner at Ruth’s Chris. I had never been before! It was pretty tasty! It seems like everyone there was celebrating an anniversary or birthday.  They decorated our table with red rose petals and signed an anniversary card. How nice is that?

After dinner we were not ready to go home just yet so we stopped by Sidecar for a nightcap.


I heard about Call the Midwife on Tsh Oxenrider’s podcast and the description sounded interesting. This past week I gave it a try and I’m hooked. There are quite a few seasons so I’m good for a while! This is my “alone” show. Michael and I are working our way slowly through the Crown. I’m also looking forward to the next season of This is Us. I haven’t watched the trailer because I like to be surprised. I haven’t decided if I’ll watch season two of Stranger Things. Season one was creepy enough! I don’t usually do scary!


…Having one last year with my daughter. I’m trying to say yes as much as possible knowing that the countdown clock is ticking. Last week she asked me to go to the gym with her. I had already done my workout and hadn’t showered yet. I was still in my workout clothes and I was in the middle of organizing a bunch of paperwork. But I said yes, walked away from the paper piles and had a second workout!


…to do some painting! I’m changing the color scheme in our house. What is currently taupe (hallway, bedroom) is about to be navy blue.


All the things! My last phone had over 6000 pictures before it went for a swim. I had recently backed up the pictures but I still lost the pictures I had taken at the Breakers. Luckily, I had posted some on social media and on the blog so I still had a few.


What have you been up to lately?

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18 thoughts on “Currently – September 2017

  1. I looooved The Crown – I think there’s supposed to be a second season coming out! But in the meantime I should probably give Call the Midwife a try, because I just had a bunch of people telling me how good it was over the weekend too. Congrats on the anniversary – sounds like a fun celebration.

  2. I love Call The Midwife – although I’m really behind. Such an interesting show! Stay safe if the hurricane heads your way!

  3. Happy Anniversary – and Happy Birthday to your son. That’s great you’re really taking time to be with your daughter this year – I’m sure she appreciates it. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Not sure she appreciates it right NOW but I know she will later 😉

    1. My husband likes action but he also appreciates good character development so he actually likes this show! Thanks for visiting 🙂

  4. Happy belated anniversary. Glad to see the fam together for the birthday boy’s dessert celebration. Hope the test drive went well with the van.

    What a snazzy change you are giving your house with the fresh paint color. We are going to paint the exterior of the house but will stick with a similar color. Boo. But cheaper!

    I know you are savoring every moment of your daughter’s senior year. Such precious days. I was just thinking how my oldest daughter’s senior pictures were taken on 9/11. We were at the photo studio and watching the news in horror.

    Is the Midwife show on HBO or NetFlix? I am certain I would love it. Reading The Handmaid’s Tale now and would like to see the movie. Just got started on the book. Kind of far out. We’ll where it goes.

    Hope you remain safe with the threat of more storms. What a hurricane season. People in El Paso are reeling with news of a second earthquake in Mexico. Scary times.

    1. If I only had time to do the painting I want to do! Oh well. When I get back from Spain…

      Oh wow! Can’t imagine having 9/11 on any special day! That would certainly mar the specialness of the day! Yuck!

      Midwife is on Netflix!

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