Day 18: Pinterest inspiration + military jacket {Write 31 Days}

Today I thought I’d give you a break from me and bring you some inspiration from Pinterest. One of the items that I bought this year is the military jacket. You might remember from this post or this post. If you have one and would like some ideas, here’s what my research produced.

orange dress and army

I am really digging olive and orange. As a Florida Gator, you would think that I had more orange in my wardrobe but alas…I do NOT! I will be on the lookout for more orange. I love this orange dress but even an orange sweater or long sleeved tee would look good I think!

wider stripe shirt and vest

Pinterest is full of striped tops with the military jacket. I like that this one shows some pattern mixing with the leopard flats. I have worn an outfit similar to this!

striped shirt and vest

The size of the stripe changes the whole look, doesn’t it? THIS is why you can’t have too many striped shirts! I like the bold gold watch and long gold necklace with this outfit.

check shirt and vest

Wine is on trend this fall and I like the way it looks with the black checks and olive vest. Simple and yet fun!

polka dot sweater and vest

And when the weather turns a little colder, layering polka dots over stripes with some bright bling is spot on! {Spot? See what I did there?}

Which is your favorite look? I think mine is the orange. Do you have a military vest? How do you like to wear yours?

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8 thoughts on “Day 18: Pinterest inspiration + military jacket {Write 31 Days}

  1. I don’t have a military vest, but I do have a new orange scarf that I’ve been trying to work in somewhere. I am getting SO many ideas from this series. It helps me know what to look for at thrift stores.

  2. I’m still searching for a military jacket. I’m afraid the trend will disappear before I find one! I just love the look with the striped shirt.

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