Day 4: Swing dress – an elegant look {Write 31 Days}









I sure hope you aren’t getting tired of the grey swing dress yet. But if you are, scroll on down because I have some other pictures for you. For those of you who are not, I want to show you just how versatile a blank slate dress can be. This particular dress can be dressed up and worn on a special or dressier occasion. Just add heels, a little bling and pair it with a dressy clutch.

dressy look 3 marked

You could wear a colored pump for a pop of color (I don’t own any yet). Or you could do a strappy, blingy or metallic sandal.

dressy look marked 2

You could add a more blingy clutch. Or you could add a metallic, fur or chenille wrap if you need warmth. You can also add a sparkly necklace.dressy look marked

In this picture, a guy was walking by the dock and asked if I’m a model. Why yes I am! Tee hee!


This is a dressy look but it’s no ball gown. Friday was my birthday and it just so happened that it was the same day as the Taylor Engineering Founder’s Day Ball! I was so busy all week long that I had not had time to find a dress. I thought I was going to end up wearing the swing dress as my ballgown or pull out an old dress. I did manage to pop into the Bluetique and Ross but I wasn’t having any luck. There were a few dresses that were okay but nothing that I felt really good in. Michael was encouraging me to go to a “real store” but I hated to drop that kind of money on a dress that will get little wear. I like to stretch my cost-per-wear thin!

I decided to try one more time at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s and I finally found one at the last store! (I went into the fitting room with 11 dresses!) I tried on a hot pink, light grey, several black lace dresses and this is the one I settled on.



Founder's Day ball
The “prom picture” pose in front of our house.
A quick selfie of these awesome birthday glasses and “birthday princess” sash my husband bought me.
The ball was at the Club Continental on the St. John’s River in Orange Park, Fl. It’s a lovely spot.
Buffet dinner, bar, dancing, speeches. It was all there!
We danced and watched a slide show from past TE events. It was crazy to see the kids so little! And the rest of us with a little more hair, or a little less waist…
The grounds were just lovely. I can’t believe I didn’t get a shot of the HUGE live oak tree that was in the back, facing the river.
The president of the company, Jim, called me up front during the speeches and everyone sang “Happy Birthday.” It was so fun! I’m wearing my special glasses here with the lights on.
I managed to get a few pics with some long-time friends. Here I am with Kimberly.
And my Gator lovin’ buddy KD!

It was a fantastic birthday! I highly recommend having a ball on your day! (See what I did there??)

31 Days of fashion button 7

Come back tomorrow to continue the Swing Dress Saga: a casual look!


Note: I did not receive any compensation from Old Navy or Marshall’s to talk about these dresses. There is no affiliate link in this post. 

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  1. Happy birthday! Looks like you did indeed have a ball on your day. Your glasses are sensational. Here in El Paso people pin dollar bills to the birthday girl in the form of a corsage or sash. Gotta love it! I started working a lot more and as a result totally forgot about the 31 days of writing. I think I will do a modified version. Thanks for the reminder and for sharing your birthday ball with us. That gray swing dress is fabulous but your ball ‘gown’ was perfect! You are one hot tamale!!

  2. I showed off your swing dress ideas at church today. A gal was wearing a simple dress of same color and we were chatting about ways to change it up. It was fun to show her all these options!

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