Deadheading Mums

My friend, Natalie, who blogs over at My Destination Known, recently shared why it’s important to deadhead mums. GULP!!

My poor little plant had been struggling along for a while. It wasn’t doing very well so I finally got around to repotting it. It was doing better but it was COVERED in spent blooms! It looked so sad! mums 1

So I took my friend’s advice and gave my plant a haircut. I cut off all the old blooms and trimmed up the dead wood.

mum 2

Right now it’s not looking the best. Sort of like a hen-pecked chicken. Or a mangey dog. But I hope that it will come back and give me more blooms! Despite not having a dark green thumb like my mother, I keep trying. Unfortunately I neglect my plants and forget to water them. My dad jokes that I’m trying to wean them. Or that I give them the same amount of water I take in (I don’t drink enough, I know…) and it’s not enough for them to live!

Do you deadhead your mums? Do you have mums? Do you like plants?

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5 thoughts on “Deadheading Mums

  1. LOL! Trying to wean them! That’s hilarious!

    I had two lovely mums in my flowerbed in Idaho that came back for several years… bigger and prettier every year. And yes, I tried to remember to deadhead them. I think it helped. Once they quit blooming I just left them dormant until spring. Then I cut the dead stalks back so the new growth could flourish.

  2. I was just contemplating moving mine inside. They look mangy and straggly, too. I would have for them to die but don’t have a good, sunny place for them. Will dead head mine tomorrow and then get back to you on how they do.

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