How to Style a Fall Scarf

If you are visiting from The Blended Blog, welcome! Today we are talking about how to style a scarf this fall. Fall scarves, at least in Florida, are not the weighty, woolen, woven, warm wraps of winter. They are the lighter or brighter version, helping to bridge the transition from summer to winter. Let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?How to Style Fall Scarves on Making the Most of Every Day blog

First off I am starting with this outfit as a base. I bought this tee in Italy for 3 Euro on clearance! I love the bright orange color! It’s not a pumpkiny orange but a bit deeper, almost a poppy red color. It looked great when I had a tan. I wore it with white jeans and white and silver sandals.How to transition a summer outfit to fall with scarves.

Fall Scarf Outfit Idea #1 

The first thing I do, when the temps are no longer in the 90s and the air is stifling with humidity but not quite cool enough for boots or a sweater, is to swap the sandals out for flats and add a layering piece. I have gotten my money’s worth and then some out of this military vest. I add my lightweight leopard scarf, and voila’! A fall look without adding too much warmth.How to transition a summer outfit to fall with scarves.


Fall Scarf Idea #2

If you need to look a little more pulled together and not quite so casual, or if it’s a bit cooler and you need some sleeves then swap the vest for a navy blazer and the leopard scarf for a silky floral in autumn colors.floral-silk-scarf

Fall Scarf Idea #3

Another variation is to layer white on white with that pop of orange shining through and taming it down with a black and white striped

Fall Scarf Idea #4

Look what happens if you just switch out the white cardigan to a dark color, which in this case is charcoal grey.grey-cardi-with-orange

Fall Scarf Idea #5

That one swap results in such a dramatic change, doesn’t it? What happens if you keep that same combo but switch out the scarf? This one is still dark, but it’s floral and pulls in some of the orange from the top. floral-scarf-collage-marked

Fall Scarf Idea #6

It’s startling to see how that one change can completely redo a look! I hesitated to show this last look. It doesn’t scream fall to me, but I think having the darker cardigan and swapping the white jeans for dark skinnies and the flats to low booties helps to make the outfit work for a fall day. It would certainly brighten a dreary day, wouldn’t it? I love that the fringe is the same color orange as the tee! Would you be so bold to wear this color combo in the fall? fuchsia-and-orange-scarf-collage-marked

So there you have it folks! You can achieve such different looks with just a few scarves and layering pieces. Now go immediately to see what Lana has styled for you! We are alike in some ways (2 boys in college, one having just graduated, love Paris) but we live on complete opposite ends of the US, she’s tall and I’m not, she has long blond hair (and I clearly do not) so you know she’ll have a different take on this prompt! Check her out!

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With just a few swaps, you can change the look of how you wear your fall scarves!

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  1. Wow, you really made basic pieces go a long way here today. Love the black and white scarf with both outfits. I have that same navy, floral scarf and am now inspired to style it into my next weeks wardrobe. Thanks.

  2. I love that you put together so many outfits! They are all great, and I love the orange/white combo base.

  3. I love scarves and layering pieces. It’s much cooler here, but the temperature can change a good bit throughout the day, so it’s nice to have removable pieces.

  4. Wow, Sheila! You knocked it out of the park with this post. Cannot even wrap my brain around all those looks with an orange tee. I’m really partial to the military vest and leopard print though.

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