First adventure of the summer!

True to my motto of Making the Most of Every Day we are off on our first official adventure of the summer! Hubby was out of town last week for a conference. He returned Thursday night. We packed up on Friday and woke up at 5:15 (I actually woke up at 4:30 before the alarm) so we could get an early start on our 8 hr drive to Tennessee. 

We let the kids sleep til 6:00 and then pulled out of the driveway at 6:30. The kids went back to sleep. We love to travel early. It makes the trip go quickly when the kids sleep for the first part, even when they are teenagers!  

 The weather looks perfect for a road trip! We have our electronics and books (I’m currently reading through the Harry Potter series for the first time), snacks and picnic lunch, pillows and blankies.  Tonight we’ll stay in a hotel in Gatlinburg and explore the town a bit. Tomorrow we hit the trail in the morning. It’s about a 5 hr hike but the kids have never hiked this far so we’ll take it easy. Then we’ll stay at the top of the mountain in the Lodge. {link here} I’m so looking forward to some mountain scenery! 

I love traveling and exposing the kids to new places, new adventures, new experiences. I hope this trip will be memorable in a good way!

The crazy part of this is that we hike back down the mountain on Monday morning, hop in the car and drive home. It’s a super quick trip but since I fly out on Wednesday, I need to get back and pack for that trip! Yup! I really like to pack things in, making the most of every day! Stay tuned for a post with beautiful mountain vistas!

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