Floral Kimono for Spring

I am sometimes slow to jump on new trends. I like to see how they will play out. For this reason I did not rush out and buy a kimono when I first learned about it in the GYPO Style Challenge. However, when my friend Michael Ann sent me a picture of her new one, I was ready to take the plunge. You can see her sporting hers in this blog post.

Floral Kimono

I will wait til the end to tell you where this kimono came from. When Michael Ann told, me I could not believe it! I asked if she would be upset if I copied her and bought the same one and she assured me she would not.kimono look for spring

I looked for it at my store but couldn’t find it. She was kind enough to buy it for me in Savannah and ship it to me! It came in yesterday and I couldn’t wait to style it!kimono look for spring

I do love the floral pattern and having a lightweight top layer for interest. I can see trying some fun pattern mixing with this top too! It will also make a great coverup at the beach this summer!kimono look for spring

Since kimonos are one-size-fits-all, I think it’s a little big on me. I’m very petite (5’1″) and I feel that this one swallows me.kimono look for spring

What do you think? Should I have it altered? Shortened and maybe taken in an inch on both sides? My mom is a seamstress so she could easily do it. Let me know what you think I should do in the comments. Leave as is or have it taken in a bit?

Now for the reveal of where the kimono came from….WALMART! Can you believe it?

One more question. What do you think of my crazy hair? It has gotten so long! I have an appointment tomorrow and I can’t decide: cut it off for the summer or let it stay long? I tried a YouTube tutorial for “beachy waves” but it didn’t come out like the gal’s. Well, it was my first time playing with a curling iron in I don’t know how long!  Sarah at Foxy’s Domestic Side inspired me to try something with my hair. She does so many cool things with her long locks! This is how I usually wear my hair. So what do you think? Long or short?

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20 thoughts on “Floral Kimono for Spring

  1. Hi Sheila! I didn’t see where you listed the store? I like the length of it, but feel like it swallows you on the sides. Also, your hair is always cute, no matter. Sorry, no help there.

  2. I kinda like it a little longer, for a change. You can always go and chop it shorter if you decide it’s not working for you.
    Can’t speak to the kimono. Liking how it looks, but I tend to wear my stuff too loose.

  3. Love how you styled your hair! So jealous of how great the kimono looks on you both. My WM did not have great colors for me. I think it would be even nicer if you have your mom tailor it a bit.

  4. I think you look terrific, both the kimono and the hair!! I think the kimono is supposed to be long and flowy, and I love it just like it is, especially since it’s sheer and you can see your petite frame!! And, I love your hair both ways, but the longer version makes you look a little younger. You will get better at styling it as you practice. ?Miss you, hope to see you soon!

  5. You are always beautiful, but you know I love your shorter hair!! And yes to nipping the kimono in a bit so it doesn’t overwhelm you. 🙂

  6. Hey! If it wouldn’t be too hard to take the kimono up, then maybe your mom could make a few adjustments but I really think it is darling just like that. I have seen them belted, too. But I like the flowiness of them and belting would inhibit that. I love the beachy waves. I think for summer it is a looser look. Fun. Sassy. More carefree. I say leave it long and keep playing with the curling iron.

  7. Hey I didn’t know that kimonos were a new trend but it looks great! I like the flow of it the way it is but if you decide to have it altered because you feel swallowed in it, I would go up and in to keep the proportion. I really like your hair this length; it reminds me of college days. I say keep it for a little bit longer, until it drives you crazy and then you can cut it.

  8. Sheila!!! I’m SO glad you like the kimono! I think it looks great as is, but I can also understand your wanting it tailored a little bit. YES to wearing a variety of tanks and t-shirts with it, and YES to awesome pattern mixing! It’s perfect for that! Your longer hair kind of caught be off guard! That’s why I waited a while to post. I agree with some of the others: maybe leave it longish for now? It depends on how much time it takes to style it. I miss you, beautiful friend!

  9. Love the hair anyway you do it! Go platinum blond, like you have been threatening! And the kimono looks great – don’t need to change it!

  10. I think the kimono looks perfect on you as is. The hair is a little tougher, because it looks great either way. My hairstylist once told me that leaving your hair a little longer gives you more opportunity to “change it up”. Cut a little for one style, and still have some to work with the next time you need a trim…..you can always go shorter later!

  11. I like your longer hair. As far as beachy waves, I cannot help – I wish my hair would curl like that but it never looks like the tutorials. I kind of like the length of the kimono. How lucky your mom is a seamstress!

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