GYPO Fall Challenge is Officially Over

There were a few days left to the challenge since my last post, but I followed my hubby on a business trip.  I did not follow the prescribed OOTD since I didn’t know exactly what would be styled and didn’t pack EVERY single piece! However, I did mostly pack challenge pieces and had fun wearing scarves and sweaters since the temperatures in Washington D.C. allowed it! In fact it was so cold the first two days that I was wishing I had brought more than just ballerina flats! But I survived! 🙂

I really do love our capital city! There is SO much to see and do there! I’m so impressed by the amount of green space, trails and biking paths! In fact, I was looking for a running path and found a website (they have an app too – where you can find all sorts of trails/paths. Out of curiosity, I looked up my zip code and was startled to see how few spots there were compared to the greater DC area. 
We were staying in Tysons Corner which is a veritable shopping Mecca and I was hoping for some time to wander the big shops (Neiman Marcus! Lord & Taylor! Macy’s! Shoot even L.L.Bean!) but the one time we had some free time was Sunday morning and they weren’t open yet. Bummer.

Opened at 10:00; we were there at 8:45
Michael and I enjoyed visiting downtown DC, catching a Sunday baptismal service at the National Cathedral (stunningly beautiful, of the same caliber as any European Gothic church), driving through the Mall, passing by the National Monument and many Smithsonian museums. We lucked out and found a parking spot right across the street from our favorite one, the National Gallery of Art, for a quick peek at some of our favorite works. (Who can name the artists in the pictures below?)
National Cathedral
Washington Monument | Capitol Building
Air and Space Museum
National Gallery of Art | Dome reminiscent of the Pantheon in Rome
New acquisition to the Gallery
This artist loved ballerinas
This artist was famous for Pointillism
This was an American female Impressionist artist

We also were able to connect with several friends who live in the area. Had lunch with a friend we’ve known since our Tampa days (20 or so years). Then watched the Gator game at another friend’s house. (Full disclosure: the guys watched the Gators win. My friend and I talked the whole time!) This friend and I go back to our sophomore years in high school when we dated brothers. (She married her high school sweetheart. Thankfully, I did not.) 

I was so happy to be able to hang out with her all four days. One of the days we rode the silver line to DuPont Circle, ate Chipotle’s sister restaurant (same idea but Asian ~ very yummy!) while sitting on a park bench in the circle, visited St. Matthew’s Cathedral (where JFK’s funeral was held.), then walked up and down Embassy Row (talking the whole time, of course).
Spanish Embassy

Another day we ate at a funky small restaurant in Vienna VA, Maple Street, then drove up to Great Falls park and hiked along the Potomac River. I was stunned at the beauty and wildness of the area yet its proximity to the urban core! 

Potomac River
High water marks for my favorite hydrologist
Potomac River

Regrettably, there were at least four other friends that we were not able to see on this trip! I feel so rich in that aspect – friendships that date back to different eras: high school, college, Tampa and Jacksonville. 
We flew on a direct flight from St. Augustine to DC on Frontier Airlines. The flight was only $164 round trip! Plus the airport in St. Augustine is tiny and closer than JAX. I was sad to hear that the flight will be discontinued in January! 
That was our plane, the building is the terminal and I’m standing in long term parking!

Now we’re back and I’m getting really excited for the next Style Challenge with Alison and Cyndi! It’s the Build Your Basics Wardrobe Challenge. The list comes out tomorrow! Wanna do it too? You can still join. It’s not too late! Go here to sign up. (This link has my affiliate attached to it so be sure to use this link!)

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