Honduras: Day 2

Our visit coincided with the 5th anniversary of the children’s home. We started the day with a devotion, followed by a short walk through the town led by Taylor,  their summer intern who just so happens to be a friend of ours!

Our view down the hill from the guest house.
Walking to Hochi’s.
The chapel.

Then we had a church service in the chapel on the children’s home campus. The children led the a capella singing with much gusto and the Episcopal service was led by a Honduran priest. I was surprised that I understood a good half of the service, including the sermon.

Puppet show in the dining hall.
Folk dancing in the dining hall.

After church, there was a celebration in the dining hall. Visitors from Villanueve and San Pedro Sula attended to help celebrate the 5th “birthday” which included puppet shows and traditional folk dances put on by the kids.

Kim accepts the plaque and thanks the community.
Pinata time is very orderly – from smallest child to biggest, alternating girls and boys.

After several speeches, the director, Juan, presented Mike and Kim with a plaque commemorating this milestone. They were very moved and thanked everyone for all the work that the community put in to make this place a success.

The candy begins to fall…
Cat and mouse.

Lunch followed and then a piñata for the kids.

Annie is it!
Playing with the girls while the boys play soccer.

After the kids loaded up on candy, it was time for games. The adults joined in a rousing game of “cat and mouse” and once everyone had a chance they all moved up the hill to the playground to play soccer pass the football and play on the swings.

We closed with a group picture, prayer and then RAN because it started raining! And I mean POURING!! Poor Taylor forgot her keys so she had to run back down the hill in the rain and got absolutely soaked! What a fun day!

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  1. Not sure how I fell so far behind reading my blogs but alas, I did. What a beautiful documentary to the good work you guys did in Honduras. Love seeing the children, their precious smiles. The buildings look just like those in the interior of Panama. Thank you for sharing with us.

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