Honduras: Day 3

The day started early for Tracy and me as we decided to join Mike on his 3 mile walk. “Walk” really is not the right word. It was a vertical downhill slide on loose rock and mud to the river.  

The river we crossed.
Then we crossed the river and it was a vertical climb back up the mountain. I only fell once, but of course I landed in a thorn patch.
Mike has been training every day for a trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro in September. I did my best to keep up, but the guys did have to wait for me a few times. I did, however, make the whole 3 miles trip without spraining an ankle or needing a piggy back ride. My glutes are going to feel it in the morning though!  


The view made it worthwhile!

Devotionals were followed by breakfast and then we were ready to get to work. There were two jobs we worked on. Mike divided us into two teams: one was to work on the chicken coop extension and one was going to mix cement for the ditch. Amy, Annie and I went to the coop. The two men working on it really didn’t need us. Annie handed the guys “grampas” – a staple shaped nail, while they hammered the chicken wire in place, while Amy and I stood around watching. After a while, I went off to see what else I could do. I found Taylor unloading the washing machine so I helped her hang the laundry and then Julie and I went with Mike to pick up sawdust for the coop. When we got back, the girls had gone up to shower so Julie went up to get hers while I moved rocks with Max, Mike and Tracy. Then we all got cleaned up, ate lunch and then went to the private school where the kids go, to celebrate El Dia del Indio. We got a tour of the school, our kids played with their kids and then it was time for the program to begin.  

One of the girls braided Annie’s hair
 Our kids did some of the same dances as the day before and there were four girls dressed up in “Indian” costumes.  

Indian costumes and folk outfits


 Afterwards we bought snacks that they had made. Annie got to taste “horchata” and we each ate a bowl of “tahatas” – fried plantains ( like chips) with meat (like chili) on it. Quite tasty! 

Amy with her bag of horchata
Afterwards we returned home and played a rousing game of “catch phrase” – girls against the boys. Then dinner followed by card games uno and Dutch blitz). Another great day!

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  1. That is so neat you got to go. One of my uncles is a missionary to Honduras. Has been for 30+ years. He lives stateside now, but he and his wife and son go back two or three times a year. They have a radio ministry. I always look forward to seeing their pictures. Thanks for sharing yours. Looks like a productive trip!

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