Honduras: Day 4

Oh boy! I’m never gonna finish this series! Okay! Here we go!

Day 4: Tracy and I were too sore to walk today! All those hills killed our quads. We had devotions then we were off to pick up the nurse and doctor to go to a village of about 20 families in order to bring them a water filter and to assist with immunizations (we have a nurse with us). We piled into two pick up trucks for a ride deeper into the mountains to Buena Vista.

Picking up a nurse

The community had just put a roof on their new church and so we used that for the clinic. Julie took blood pressure readings while the doctor talked to patients about their ailments and the other nurse gave a few shots.

In the meantime, we visited the school and brought them a water filter.

Lunch at the school. This is what the stoves are like.

One-room classroom and student in her uniform

It must’ve been recess because the kids were all outside playing. Our guys joined in a soccer game.

 After a while Annie and I walked back over to the clinic/church.

Quite a few people had come out to be seen. Mike showed a church elder how the water filter works. These filters are so easy to assemble, cost only $50 and clean a LOT of water!

When we got back to the school, the kids and all our people were playing Frisbee in a large circle. After a bit the men and boys helped install park benches that were started by a North Carolina church. We gathered for a picture and prayer and then it was time for us to go. We left the soccer ball and frisbee with the school. They were so happy!

When we returned we ate lunch and after a short break we all went to pick up the chickens Michael had purchased. He let the kids catch them while he put them in their traveling cages.

 Then we headed back to the hogar and got a formal tour of the grounds. We got to see the building where the kids can make jewelry, do ballet and get computer training as well as tutoring. Then we toured the office and officially met the directors and the assistant director, and finally we toured the two children’s homes.
After a brief rest time it was time for dinner. We had tahatas again which were so yummy. Imagine nachos made out of plantain chips, seasoned ground beef and a little sliced onion and tomatoes and maybe green peppers.
Then it was time for showers and bed. The kids played cards and more Catch Phrase. That has been such a fun community-building game!


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  1. Enjoy reading about your missions adventures 🙂 What a great opportunity to bless others. I am sure they were very thankful for the cleaner drinking water. Thanks for sharing

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