Honduras: Day 5

Day 5: Still sore so no walking for us. After devotions and breakfast, we piled into the trucks, picked up the doctor and nurses and rode to another two towns to give shots. We dropped two of the nurses off in a small village of Los Altos while the rest of us continued on the next one Cuavano. When we got there, the nurses began their routine of immunizations, blood pressure and consultations with the doctor.

(This was the day my phone had died so I left it behind. I’ll entertain you with pictures of the children’s home’s grounds and other random pictures.)

Mike showing the kitchen in one of the children’s homes. He explained that they want the kids to grow up knowing how to live life in Honduras. They *could* have an electric stove but this way they can live and survive out in the community when they grow up.
The living and kitchen area in the girl’s house. The cooking area is out the back door.


One of the most fun things was riding around in the back of the truck. Until you drive through a swarm of large grasshoppers. Yuck.
These things are nasty. I cannot imagine a plague with them. I would have died of fright. Not this kid.

In the meantime, the guys took the boys to the local soccer field and played ball with them while we gals played frisbee with the girls. So many more people came to this “clinic” who needed shots! We stayed later than the previous day, getting back around 2:00. The doctor and his cousin joined us for lunch.

We had a short break and then it was off to Chesnigua to visit Hope Farm. We toured the farm, seeing the pigs, petting the goats, eating fresh coffee berries.  (And now my camera/phone is charged so I got a few shots.)

Mike gives the pigs to families in the community. When they breed the pigs, they give back a piglet to Mike who begins the process anew. These pigs originally came from Samaritan’s Purse.

We got to walk around and see how coffee is grown in the shade. The berries are hand picked so that only the ripe ones are picked. He hires local women to do the picking and they are happy to have the work. We tasted a fresh coffee berry. Then we got to try another delicacy. But only the brave ones tried it: a termite! Yes. You read that right. A TERMITE. Apparently they are minty. I demurred. I don’t eat sea insects; I certainly am not going to eat land ones. Even Annie tried one! Good girl! (How do I not have a picture of this!??) Then we tried sugar cane. I did eat that. We headed back to the van and then back to the hogar for dinner which were a type of empenada full of beef and rice. Tasty!
After dinner we had a church service which was led by Hylen (Ee-len).

 She read Psalm 121 then called on different people to ask what they got from it. Then we had a time of JOYOUS singing followed by prayer. Hylen would call on people to pray. After several adults and children prayed we passed the peace and the service was concluded. It’s so impressive the leadership skills these young kids are learning! We hiked back up the hill, sat around and chatted about the day. I turned in around 9:00, wiped out!

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