Kib’s Bay!

Several years ago my children complained that there’s a mother’s day and there’s a father’s day but there’s no kid’s day! So my son wrote ‘kib’s bay’ on the calendar (he used to reverse letters) and the name stuck. Each year now my hubby and I surprise the kids with this floating holiday. We typically wake them up with party horns then tell them what to pack and off we go!

This year Kib’s Bay was on Friday, August 14th. We woke the kids up in the usual way and told them to get dressed because we were going out for breakfast! We went to Famous Amos and ate heartily of typical breakfast fare. Then we returned home and told the kids to pack for the beach. After dropping Penny off at her doggie hotel, off we went to Beach Marine where we rented a jet ski for an hour.
Michael took the kids out, (I just hung out) and then headed to our Fairfield Inn at Neptune Beach.

We checked in and watched some TV (yey Food Network!) then because it started storming we drove to Atlantic Beach for frappuccinos. Once the rain eased up we drove back to the hotel and jumped in the spa to warm up (those fraps are c-c-c-old!) We played in the pool then walked across the street for a walk on the beach. The weather was still yucky so we didn’t feel like hanging out. We played in Courtyard’s pool/spa before heading back for showers.

We had dinner at Atlantic Beach at the Sun Dog Diner.
After dinner we went to Peter Lebhar’s CD release concert. It was GREAT!

The grand finale was family surf lessons the following day! Epic Surf Ministries is AWESOME!I did bust my left big toenail wide open but besides that we had a great time! The waves were a big rough but we still ALL stood up!

Ahhh..Kib’s Bay! Another great deposit to the memory bank!

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