Menu Monday

Last week’s menu:

Monday – Pork Satay with peanut sauce and noodles [Didn’t happen. I can’t even remember what we did on Monday…]

Tuesday – Chicken with Lime Sauce  [We ended up eating at my mom’s house since Tommy was in town and would be leaving before Sunday dinner.]


Wednesday – Beef broccoli lo mein [ Although I’ve made this one before and my notes said that it was tasty, we didn’t love it this time around. I think substituting chuck steak for the flank steak was a no-no. Also the veggies were overcooked. I was going to throw it out but since my notes said it was tasty, I’ll give it on more try.]


Thursday – Thanksgiving at my brother-in-law’s house. We brought bacon-wrapped goat cheese stuffed dates and it was a hit, as always. The two sweet potato casseroles were also good. one with mini-marshmallows and one without. I made my friend’s pecan pie and my husband liked it. I don’t eat pecan pie.



Friday – Turkey Caldo Tlalpeno [Since I did not score the turkey carcass, I didn’t make this. But I’m making turkey for our Friendsgiving next Sunday so I’ll make it then. I think we cleaned out the fridge that night.]



So this week we are trying again…

Monday – the Pork Satay with peanut noodles from last week.

Tuesday – the chicken with lime sauce from last week since I bought all the ingredients for those two meals.

Wednesday – pasta with freezer sauce since Michael’s out of town.

Thursday – Pollo Rancho Luna


Friday – TBD

I’ve been busy decorating for Christmas so cooking is low on my priority list but we do have to eat so it helps that I’ve planned things out ahead of time. What are you having this week?

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  1. We ended up having Asian Food Day today! Cheater Korean Beef with brown rice and broccoli for lunch and then Eggroll in a Bowl for dinner. I need to get some meals and snacks planned for the rest of the week. Trying to stay on plan!

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