Mint Tee and a Scarf

I was flying yesterday and I was following my script for what to wear on an airplane. I had recently gotten this mint colored tee since it’s a new color in my wardrobe. It’s so comfy (and a bit loose) that I decided it would be perfect for the plane! Here is the basic outfit:

Skinny jeans+mint tee+pewter flats

skinny jeans+mint tee+flats
Penny wanted to be in the picture too!

I knew I would want to wear a scarf to keep my neck warm on the usually-freezing plane and to add a completer piece to the outfit. Plus I was traveling north so I expected I would need a little extra something. Highs in the low 70s equals chilly for this gal!

As I was digging through my piles, I pulled out several scarves that would work. Sometimes having options is nice. Sometimes it can be overwhelming! Here’s what I came up with:

Look #1: A floral watercolor-inspired scarf in greens, blues and yellows.

I like how this scarf coordinates in the same color family yet adds a little brightness to the simple outfit. What a difference a scarf can make!

Look #2: color-blocking in a deeper shade of green

I like how these two go together and would be great if my outer piece had a little more oomph, like one of those popular floral bomber jackets or even a lightweight floral kimono in similar shades. But I don’t have that as my outer layer. I am using a denim jacket so probably not this one.

Look #3: a cream floral with gold and cranberry

Although I like this look, the colors in the scarf are more autumn than they are spring. I am happy it’s spring and want to shout it with my clothes! So probably not this one.

Look #4: hot pink and orange tassel scarf

This is such a fun scarf: so bright and festive! I love this look and the brightness it lends to the simple outfit!

While I was taking pictures I thought of my friend Sarah and her fun jumping photos. I couldn’t help but take a few. 

This is for you Sarah!

Can you guess which one I decided to go with? I struggled between two…Which one would you have picked?

View of the mall from the roof-top bar of the W Hotel. We went with our long-time friend Phil who now lives in the area. It was sooo good to reconnect and catch up!Does this shot give it away? It was really bright since we were facing the sun and I had forgotten my sunglasses in my carry-on tote bag. Dang! I really needed them!

Here’s the final outfit. It was perfect for flying and for an evening walking around DC. We ended up eating dinner outside to enjoy the beautiful weather at a middle eastern small plates restaurant. It was so yummy but after the sun went down we were chilly! I sure was glad to have my scarf and jacket!

Also, I tried teasing my hair. Sarah gives her tutorial here. When I was getting my hair cut last week, my hairdresser also gave me a little tutorial. I think it worked! See how much more body my hair has? It stayed that way all day! I’m going to share some of my new favorite hair products I’ve recently found and am trying! Stay tuned!

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22 thoughts on “Mint Tee and a Scarf

  1. I thought all the scarves were well chosen. I like the blue one you chose. The pink would change it up totally for another look.

  2. What pretty scarves. Each of them make that mint tee look different. Funny you should mention teasing your hair using Sarah’s tutorial. I was so tickled to read/watch that tutorial and learn about a teasing brush. I have had one for years but had no idea that it wasn’t just a skinny, little brush. Need to find mine…think it’s in my gym bag…and try it for teasing!

  3. Oh yes, that’s the one I would’ve picked. So pretty! And hey, you were in my neck of the woods. Well, going to DC is a full day trip for this gal. I don’t go there as often as I would like because of the traffic. I’m here in the Maryland part of the DMV region.

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